Episode#7:- (A mysterious man)

Seb who heard her, took a deep breath and said in a calm tone, "it's safe to take a driver with you little sparrow, and about cell-phone then it will also help you, and us to remain in contact so now no more arguments on this."

"But...," Swara tried to say something, but Seb held his hand in front of her and said, "do as I say," he said in a bossy tone on which Swara frowns a little and said,

"You can't boss me, I will do what I want to do, and I will not keep any driver with me, that's it," she said in a little angry tone. Seb, who was losing his patience with each passing second, becomes angry on hearing her last words.

("I don't want any driver can't you understand a small thing?") an incident from past flashed in his mind.

Vidhant who heard her just face-palmed, because he knows it very well that Seb doesn't like it when people deny to him for anything, and here Swara not only rejected, but again talked with him in a loud tone and cherry on top she denied for the driver. (The reason behind this thing will disclose later.)

"I told you to never use this tone with me ever again didn't, I?" Seb said in a dark low tone on which Swara gulped her saliva, and tried to say something but went shut when Seb held her left arm and jerked her towards him.

"You just love to go against my orders, Little sparrow, isn't?" He said in a low growl.

"I can do anything, whether it's bossing around you or telling you to do anything. Because, don't forget I purchased you in that auction. So according to that thing, I'm having full rights on you. You should be glad I didn't make you any slave, I made you my fiancé, but it doesn't mean that I can't make you my slave now."

"So it will be better that you keep your mouth shut, and start practising on how to lower your tone in front of me, understand?" Seb said in a deep, dark voice while bending to her level. Her arm was now also in his tight grip.

Swara was tongue-tied after hearing him; she just nodded her head in fear. Seb who saw her doing that left her and said,

"Better now go driver is waiting outside," he said and went from there. After he left Swara while taking a deep breath wipes the sweat beads from her forehead when suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder, she turns around hurriedly but got relax after seeing Vidhant.

"Relax, it's me only," Vidhant said, on which Swara gave him a faint smile. Vidhant, who saw her state thought to divert her mind.

"I think you should wrap some bandage also on your arm, this way if anyone by chance sees you without arm sling then also they will not get any doubt," Vidhant said while referring to her arm on which Swara look towards her arm, and nodded her head a little.

"Let me bring the bandage," Vidhant said, and went from there. Swara took a shaky breath. She never wanted to make him angry again, but don't know how she always messed up all the things. Or maybe she doesn't understand him?

"How will I act as his fiancé?" Swara suddenly thought worriedly, because understanding Sebastian Knight was a difficult task. After a few minutes, Vidhant came, and Swara after bandaging her arm left with the driver.

Vidhant told her she would get her cell-phone by tonight.

After seeing her off, Vidhant went towards Seb's study. He was busy doing his office work when Vidhant came, and sat down on the chair in front of him.

"Seb, you don't have to always shout on her; she is not habitual of your anger. Didn't you saw her state downstairs when you were saying all those things to her?" Vidhant said in a calm tone, Seb just gave him a blank look on this and said,

"Do you think she will understand if I softly talk to her? She is a stubborn head who can only understand when we will talk to her strictly," Seb said in a stern tone on which Vidhant took a deep breath.

"She knows nothing that is the only reason she behaved like that. We all will behave like this if anyone suddenly starts bossing us," Vidhant said.

"Do you think she will take this news normally? That the driver we are sending with her is a bodyguard, because the one who kidnapped her earlier will surely be around there somewhere and if they saw her again, they will try to kidnap or hurt her again," Seb said in anger.

"VD is an innocent girl, and she will not understand these things that it's difficult to escape from the clutches of kidnapping mafia. Luckily she got saved, but it's not over four days when they kidnapped her."

"And you know it very well that they are not some random people; they are having a strong network of people who works for them."

"She will start living in fear if she comes to know about all these things, so it's better to be strict with her, rather than making her live in fear all the time," Seb said and again resumed his work.

"Why are you worrying so much for her?" Vidhant asked suddenly on which Seb while giving a death glare to him said,

"Till the time she is here, she is my responsibility. So now shut your mouth and get the hell out of here," Seb said and started reading the file. Vidhant chuckled mentally, and left from there while whistling.

"Moron," Seb said while looking at his retreating figure.


Swara nervously came inside the café; she kidnapped on Saturday night, and today was Wednesday. She was absent from her job for two consecutive days. She was worried because she didn't even inform anybody.

"Where the hell were you from the last two days, Miss swaaara?" Jenny said from behind on which Swara turn towards her with a sheepish smile, but Jenny's sight went towards her arm, and she frowns after seeing the arm sling.

"What happened to you?" Jenny asked on which Swara told her that on Saturday because of heavy rain, she slipped and injured her arm. Her cell-phone also misplaced that day, so that was the only reason she can't be able to inform them.

Jenny was happy with Swara's overall performance, so she didn't scold her much, and told her to resume her work.

Swara becomes happy after hearing this, and after thanking her, she left to change her clothes.

"That fire-spitting dragon is not bad in giving ideas," Swara thought while wearing her uniform. She was glad that Jenny didn't snatch her job.

Swara worked calmly by keeping in mind about her wound. The injured arm was a lie, but her cut was fresh now also, which will surely start bleeding again if she didn't take care of it.

Swara completed her work, and after changing her uniform, she came out of the café. She was walking when suddenly she heard the car horn; she immediately turns around and saw the driver from the morning coming out of the car.

Swara slapped her forehead lightly as she forgot that now she lives with Seb, and Vidhant. She mentally curses herself and walks towards the car, when someone banged with her because of which her bag fell.

Swara bent to pick her bag when one hand came, and picked her bag. Swara saw towards the person and found that it was a man (by looking at his height and built) who was wearing a black hoodie. His face was not visible because the light was dim.

"Here, Angel," the man said while handing her the bag. Swara look towards her bag and then again towards the person. He was standing by showing his back towards the road.

Swara tried to see his face, but due to dim light, she can't. Suddenly while taking the bag from his hand, her sight went towards his eyes. The light from the nearby shop directly fell in his eyes when he turned his face a little.

His eyes were pure black, Swara kept staring his eyes when suddenly he left from there after putting the bag in her hand. She stares his back when suddenly she saw something on the back of his hoodie.

There was some bird printed on the back of his hoodie, Swara tried to remember which bird is this, but her thoughts broke when the driver called her, she came towards the car and sat inside.

The moment she went from there, the same black hoodie person came out from one Alley, and saw the car which is going far.

Swara came back to the mansion. But all the time she was thinking about the bird, which she saw at that man's hoodie. She was coming inside while thinking all this, again and again. That is why she didn't see Seb standing in front of her.

Swara came and banged into him. She stumbles back. However, Seb held her at the right moment and made her stand straight.

"So..r..y," Swara said in a little shaky tone because of sudden happenings, Seb just gave her a nod, but he didn't miss the thoughtful line on her forehead.

"What happened?" Seb asked on which Swara look towards him with a lost look, and suddenly her sight went towards his greenish-blue eyes. His eyes were deep, she was looking towards his eyes when suddenly those black eyes came in her mind, and she jerked her head.

"No..t.hing... it's just I met someone when I was coming back," Swara said on which Seb frowned a little, that why she was telling him all this.

"Okay... so?" Seb asked on which Swara shook her head and while rubbing her temple said,

"Nothing, but he was different, I mean, he was wearing a black hoodie and when he went from there; I saw some bird sign on his back," Swara said as she could not understand that why she was telling all those things to Seb.

Seb who was hearing her becomes alert after hearing the bird word; Vidhant who was coming downstairs just heard her last words of some bird sign, he stopped on his track after hearing this, and look towards Seb with a shock.

Seb who felt his presence looked towards him and gave him a nod, Vidhant immediately went out while calling someone.

"Little sparrow, don't think much now go and change then we will have our dinner," Seb mumbled on which Swara while nodding her head a little went from there. Seb saw her retreating figure, and turn towards the front and saw Vidhant coming inside.

"He is back," Seb, said on which Vidhant looks towards him, "but he never hurts any innocent person, and I think he will do nothing with Swara also," Vidhant said on which Seb said while thinking something.

"But why he is back this time, he always came when something is wrong and why he came near her (Swara)?" Seb said to Vidhant on which he also thought about this.

"Phoenix never came without any reason, so if today he came then it means there is something bad going to happen," Sebastian said on which Vidhant looks on.

"This time I will surely going to catch Phoenix," Sebastian said suddenly as the person whom Swara met, known as Phoenix.

(Nobody knows about Phoenix whereabouts. They don't even know his name, it's just he named as the bird whose sign he was having on the back of his black hoodie. That sign was of a bird, known as Phoenix, a bird that rises from the ashes.)

"To be continued...

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Welcome to the real world. There is always some bad person out there ready to take advantage of you just as soon as you let down your guard.

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