Episode#8:- (You will be mine)

"Ouch," Seb and Vidhant were sitting in the dining area when they heard Swara's scream. They immediately went out and saw her sitting on the last stair. They made a confused face that why she screamed because she was looking fine.

"Swara what happened?" Vidhant said while walking towards her, Swara who heard him looks upward, and made a sad pout while showing something. A smile came on Seb's lips, but he hides it immediately while Vidhant chuckled a little after seeing the thing, and turn his face towards Seb for a while.

(Swara was coming downstairs while folding the arm sling when suddenly her wet hair entangled in its sticky part. And while trying to free her hair, she by mistake pulled her hair because of which she screamed a little.)

Seb went back towards the dining room while Vidhant freed her hair. Swara thanked Vidhant, and later both went behind Seb.

(Swara thought to keep the arm sling on the dining table so she will not forget it tomorrow before going for her job.)

Seb saw t
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