Episode#9: Harrison Macaulay Knight

"I..ii mean to say that if anybody in the café saw this cell-phone in my hands, then they will start getting a doubt on me, that how a waitress who earns 18 to 1900 pounds can buy such an expensive cell-phone."

Swara said hurriedly, as she thought that maybe Seb would get angry again. But she didn't realize that in her rant she also told her salary to them. Vidhant and Seb together frowned after hearing about her salary.

"You earn only this much?" Vidhant suddenly asks on which Swara gave him a confused look, that what he was saying, but later she realized that she told them about her salary.

She turns red with embarrassment, as they were the people who give tips to anybody more than of her full month's salary. "Umm yeah," Swara said in a low voice.

"Umm okay, umm we umm idea..." Vidhant said, feeling awkward as he realized that she was feeling embarrassed.

"What?" Swara said and gave a side glance to Seb, who was having some unreadable emotions on his face.

"Why don't you use some sma
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