Episode#10:- (Meeting his Dad)

Swara, who was giggling while telling about the driver, saw towards Harrison and become confused. She asked Vidhant about him in a whisper.

"He is Seb's father," Vidhant told on which Swara's eye went wide, and said little loudly, "he is the papa dragon?" And in the next second, she slapped her hand over her mouth, while seeing Harrison with her big hazel orbs.

Vidhant with great difficulty controlled his laughter; luckily Harrison who was busy in analysing Swara didn't hear the word correctly, so he asked,

"What did you say?" Harry asked in a confused tone, on which Vidhant composed him-self, and while holding Swara's hand took her towards him. Swara all the while was biting her lips in nervousness.

She now only took his appearance, and came to know that Seb took all his features from his father only; however, he had not his father's eyes, so maybe he took his mother's eyes.

"Uncle this Swara, Sebastian's fiancé and Swara meet Seb's father Harrison Macaulay Knight," Vidhant said while
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