Episode # 57:- (You are not my brother anymore)

“Dad,” Seb called his father, who was sitting in the hall of Knight Mansion. (3 days have passed to Alex responding to the treatment, in these 3 days they got the good news that Alex is out of danger now.

However, the injury on his throat was a sensitive one that can’t be able to tolerate any movement that’s why doctors have kept him on a temporary coma so that his injury can cure without delay.

Vidhant also gain his consciousness 2 days back, but doctors didn’t allow them to meet him as he got some allergic reaction. Till now nobody met him, but as he was recovering, that’s why all are relieved.

Doctors told them they would inform them. Once Vidhant will be stable or when there will be no risk for him to get any allergy or something. About Alex’s doctor said he is also doing well. They are just waiting for his throat injury to get better.

So they all came back, but regularly they visit the hospital to look at them. Other than that, they all were staying at knight mansion. Alex’s f
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