Episode # 58:- (Finally! it's all ended)

Seb came out of Vidhant’s room and asked about her from guards. One guard told him she went towards the nearby corridor. Seb came in that corridor and found her sitting at the corner chair near the window.

She was sitting by wrapping her arms around her knees and was gazing out while sniffing a little. Seb chuckled inwardly and walked towards her.

He came and sat beside her, Swara, who felt his presence turns her gaze towards him. Seb said nothing; he just raised his eyebrow towards her. Swara’s chin wobbles again, and she gave him a teary pout.

Seb, without any effort, picked her up and settle her down in his lap; Swara hides her face in his neck and starts crying silently again. Seb kissed her temple and while making his grip tight around her said,

“He will be fine. Why are you worrying? Doctors told us he is recovering at a fast pace. Then why you are taking this much tension?” Seb asked while caressing her hair softly.

“He was just trying to hide his pain, so I’ll not freak ou
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