Episode # 59:- (Everything is fine)

“What is she doing?” Alex asked after seeing Swara doing some weird actions by standing in front of the mirror of their room. (Ten days passed to Vidhant when he gained his consciousness, while Alex came out of his coma 4 days back. Coma helped his injuries a lot. When he gained back his consciousness, he felt a pain in speaking in starting 2 days, but now he could do that with just a slight ache.

After doctors’ thorough check-ups, they shifted both in one big room. So it will be easy for family members also to take care of them. Alex, who was sleeping, woke up and found Swara standing in front of the mirror doing some actions which he didn’t understand.)

Vidhant, who was chuckling inwardly after seeing her, heard Alex and while clearing his throat, said, “she was trying to help me when I was doing my daily practice of walking. I stopped her by saying that her body cannot handle my weight, as she is so tiny and with having 0% muscles.”

“So madam is checking her arms like some bodybu
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