Episode # 60:- (We love you too)

“Dad… I’m here,” Swara exclaimed loudly, the moment she entered their house.

It was not as big as Knight Mansion, because Knight Mansion, or better to say palace, was a real palace. However, Harry and Aadhira’s new house was perfect in every means.

Harry, who was in the kitchen, came out, after hearing her voice. He saw her standing near the entrance and was looking around. “Here is my girl…,” Harry said while opening his arms, on which Swara with a wide grin ran towards him and gave him a tight hug.

“Father and daughter forgot that I’m also here,” Aadhira said from behind, on which Harry and Swara while chuckling a little opened their one arm each for her. Aadhira smiles after seeing this, and joined them in their hug.

Later at night:-

Swara was sitting on the floor in front of Aadhira, who was putting oil in her hair. Harry was sitting with them on another sofa and was watching TV. Trio was sitting in Aadhira and Harry’s room.

“Dad, how can you people travel so much?” Swara ask
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