Episode # 62:- (The End)

“Little Sparrow, what are you doing?” Seb asked when he saw her picking a large tray/plate full of flowers. Swara, who saw him, gave a sheepish smile. Seb shook his head in disbelief and took the tray from her hands.

“I know you don’t want to disturb anybody, but you are in the initial stage of your pregnancy; it’s only 5 weeks. So please! Be careful next time.” Seb told her in a calm tone, on which Swara pouts a little with a sorry face.

“Let’s go,” Seb held the tray in one hand and with the other hand, held her hand. They were present in the marriage ceremony of Vidhant.

(Unlike them, Vidhant and Anaya had an Indian wedding. Seb was seeing an Indian wedding for the 1st time, including Alex, his family, and Karan’s wife, Jenifer. They were all excited about trying Indian wedding attires.)

“Here!” Seb said while giving the flower plate to Lavanya, who took it from his hands with a smile. Vidhant and Anaya got married, and Swara at the time of “Joota Chupai Rasam” went on Anaya’s si
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