“Keep quiet Ben-a, Momwy dada will wake up.” Bennett scolded his 15 minutes elder brother, who pouted a little in return and kept his finger on his lips. Swara and Seb, who was sleeping peacefully, heard the hushed voices of their boys and got a smile on their faces.

They both lay down on the bed properly without their notice and start waiting for their champs to come upon them. Both Benedict and Bennett climbed onto the bed. And creating no noise crawled towards their parents.

“You sleep on momwy,” Ben-a said to Bennett. “And you sleep on dada,” Benne said to Benedict, and came towards Swara. They both came and climbed on their parents and lay down while putting their heads on their chests.

Seb and Swara who felt their bodies over them, opened their eyes. They looked towards each other with a smile on their faces. They turned around while encircled their arms around their bodies. Ben brothers squealed when their parents tickle them.

“Momwy dada, stop,” both shouted together, the entir
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