Chapter Seventeen {17}

It's about 9:00pm and the whole Adebayo family had gone to bed. The silence is suddenly disturbed by a loud cry.   

"No, no, no please don't do it! It was a mistake. This is a misunderstanding. It's not what you think.... Calm down!! "


Esther and her father run over to Derricks room where the noise is coming from. Although Esther is mad at her brother, she still cares for the pompous tyrant. 

She runs into the room and over to her elder brothers bed where he is screaming and trashing. He is having another nightmare.  She begins to scream his name as she shakes him violently.

She keeps shaking him in hopes to wake him. Her brother might be a tyrant but she still very much loves him. She can't recall the last time Derrick had gone through this. 

He struggled with illusions and pain for a long time after a horrid incident in his life, but everyone thoug

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