Chapter Eighteen{18}

Narrators Narrative;

"Lisa, thanks for letting me in. "Derrick says with his head on Lisas laps and her gentle fingers running through his hair. 

"What did you expect? You're my boyfriend. My apple pie. "She says smiling down at him before planting a tender kiss on his lips. 

"Lisa, can I ask you something? "He questions. 

"Sure. Anything. "She states and he breathes in deeply as his mind races around his scattered thoughts. 

"Have you ever felt like the person you once loved being has been wickedly striped away from you by a cruel game life chose to play on you..... And then, there seems to be no remedy than to become a beast.... "Derrick begins to explain. 

"And although you are sure your new found anger and relief would bring you peace, you know it's only temporary and your pain would always come back to taunt you." Lisa finishes and

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