Chapter {60} We Don't Know

Dayos POV;

"You will not raise your voice at me in my office! "The woman screams at me and anger explodes like a bomb in me. 

"Listen here old woman, my sister is currently going through so much pain and I will stop at nothing to help her. 

So if you get in my way, I shock you in ways you could never ever imagine. Do you understand! "I scream at her and the look of shock gets plastered on her face. 

"Derrick, "I hear my father call, but I ignore him. 

"Don't talk to me like that! I am old enough to be your mother!

What sort of woman raised you?  "She screams and for a split second, all I see is red. 


"Don't you dare say another word against my mother with that black hole you call a mouth! "I bark at her and she jumps a bit. 

"Excuse you ma'am, I will not have you talk about my late wife like that. "My father replies and I clench my fist. Why does he find it necessary to explain th

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