Chapter {61} You Know This guy?

Tobi POV;

Ike's burial has been fixed. I called Ayo, Derrick and Dayo to be sure they are on their way and Derrick and Dayo told me they are there while Ayo still needs a lift. 

My little sister just lost her job and she's finding it difficult to stay home alone. Hence she opted to follow me to the burial of someone she doesn't even know. 

I'm older than Rose by a year but we behave like there's no age gap between us and sometimes, people often even ask if we're a couple. It's silly, but Rose always replies with a yes. Talk about a one of a kind sister. 

I remember once when she said so at a party. To the hearing of a girl I was hoping to later ask out. Long story short, I lost the girl cause she thought my sister and I were a 'couple'. 

"Rose! Let's go! "I scream for the third time this morning at my sister who won't come out of her room. 

"I'm coming. Just one minute! "She calls back. 

"You said

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