Chapter {63} You?

"What? "Esther screams when Derrick informs her about what happened earlier at the hotel. 

"You see! You see what dad has done? "She screams and Derrick just stares as his sister is throwing a tantrum in Dayos dining room. 

"Look, I don't even see the point in all this. I mean, my life had officially stopped a months ago! This child in my womb put a full stop to  alot of things in my life. Why can't I just live with this? 

Why don't we just let Kunle be? There's no point in all this madness. We'd only make the soil on my name thicker. I've had enough disgrace for a life time. Let's just give this up. "Esther begs as she breaks down in tears. 

"Esther, don't.. "Derrick makes to persuade but this causes her to snap. 

"Don't what? Don't cry? Don't accept the pure fact that my lie is totally ruined? Don't accept the fact that I'm done for? 

It's over for me, Derrick! "Esther screams rising to her feet's a

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