Chapter {67} We Need To talk

Narrators Narrative;

"You're getting too relaxed. This was not the plan!" He screams and the lady on the sofa shuts her eyes In annoyance.

"You think I don't know that? Getting married to him was never part of the plan either, yet you told me to go ahead with it. 

You better figure something out cause this sh*t isn't happening!" She screams at the man. Walking off the sofa and moving to his front.

"Calm down. I'd figure something out." He persuades as he takes hold of her shoulders.

"You'd better!" She scoffs. Freeing herself from his grip.

What's going on? We'd find out soon enough.

Dayos POV;

"I can't believe we wasted our time!" Derrick finally breaks the silence in the room. I knew his big mouth would be the one to open first.

"Are you sure you got the right address?" He questions Esther who raises a brow at him.

"Of course I got the right address. Do you think it's

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