Chapter Two{2}

Narrators POV;

A young lady is at a corner talking to a guy. The lady is Derricks younger sister and the guy is her boyfriend. 

"You know, I'm damn lucky to have a chick as gorgeous as you." Kunle remarks. 

" I know, " The young lady blushes. 

" Why don't you have time for me anymore?" The guy finally questions  whilst folding his hands and looking into her eyes.  

" It's not that I don't have time for you anymore. It's just..."She makes to speak but he completes her sentence for her. 

 "That you don't have time for small boys like me *Abi?" He adds. 

" No **nah,  ***Haba, it is nothing like that." She protests. 

" Then what is it? I even doubt if you still love me." He says with a frown. 

"How can you say that? You know how much you mean to me." She says. Slightly annoyed by his accusation.  

" No I do not! Why don't you show me what I mean to you." He replies. Looking back into her eyes. 

  "Why don't you come visit me at the hotel today? " He coos with a smirk which causes her to smile. 

"Today? Why today? My brother would be around tonight. " she pleads. 

 "You see? Always a reason to stay away from me!" The young man grunts in anger.  

 "Okay fine! I'll... I'll try. By what time? "She eventually submits. 


" 8:00pm wil do. "He replies with a dashing smile.  

"****Ehn! What do you want me to be doing there so late?" she exclaims. 

"Aren't you my girlfriend? I want to spend quality time with you before returning to Keffi". He replies. 

"Fine, I'd try" she replies in hesitation and defeat. As she knows there's no way out to escape this without offending him. 

Her phone rings and her smile automatically drops when she looks at the screen. 

"It's Derrick. " she informs her boyfriend before taking the call. 

"Hello? "She says into the phone with a scrunched nose. Her tyrant brother is calling again.  

Kunle and Esther met at The University Of Lagos two years ago. When she was still in three hundred level and he in his final year. Their love story began like most typical ones; two strangers bumping into each other. 

Esther keeps pushing her weight from one leg to the other and she seems very uncomfortable with the call. 

She makes silly faces when she lies about her current location and why she's not yet home and many other things. Which makes her boyfriend takes a quick glance at her whenever she does so. 

She finally ends the call. 

"That was my brother.  He is home,  I really need to go." She informs with a displeased look on her face.

She's about to leave when her boyfriend grabs her wrist and asks; 

"just like that? "

" What? " Esther questions as puzzled as can possibly be.

" No goodbye?" He questions. Moving closer to her and minimising the space between them.

" But I just said goodbye!" She states with a questioning look on her face.

" Is that how to bid your boyfriend farewell?" He questions as he holds her hands while looking straight into her face.

"Kunle, I really need to get going, what do you want?" Esther questions impatiently. 

"Give me a kiss. "He demands.   

" Is that all?" She asks him with a blush. 

"Yes." He replies with a broad smile. 

She throws her hands around his neck and stands on her toes in order to reach his lips. He bends his head a little to the side and puts his hand around her waist. 

She  kisses him deeply and passionately, however, when she is done, he doesn't let her go. 

She tries to gently push him away but he won't budge. Hence, she grabs a huge chunk of flesh from his chest and pinches it.

He quickly let's go in pain and she playfully runs off whilst laughing at him. 


Derrick is home and is on a call with a lady. He is up to his usual business of playing with women's heart. He had just agreed to meet up with one by 7;00pm, when the tablet beside him begins to viberate. 

"Honey, can I call you back? An office call is coming in." He infroms the lady and after all the fake 'I love yous', he ends the call.

 His expression drops into one of disgust once he sees the name displayed on the caller ID. 

"Hello Bimpe, "He says into the tab dryly. 


"Hello Derrick? Baby I am missing you a lot " A ladies enthusiastic voice says through the tablets speaker. 

"Oh my love, I'm missing you too. You know my work gives me no breathing space. " He replies. scrunching his nose and eyeing the empty space before him as though the lady is there. 

He looses interest as the lady keeps laying emphasis on how much she loves him and how she wants to spend the rest of her life with him, but she drops the bomb when she start discussing marriage plans. 

This causes him to end the call and switch off the tab. He'd figure out the right lie to tell her when the time comes. 

Later in the evening, Derrick walks into the living room in a blue shirt,  black jeans and a pair of sneakers. While Esther comes in, in a bugus dress. 

Their father who's reading his papers in the living room, takes a good look at them and then turns back to his papers as if he didn't see them. 


Mr Adebayo, their father,  finally speaks but does not avert his gaze from the news papers in his hands.  

 "Are you guys going somewhere? "He questions with his smooth, calm voice. 

" Sir, I am, but I did not think Esther is. "Derrick replies whilst eyeing Esther from head to toe. 

 "What do you mean? Daddy,  I am also going somewhere. "Esther protests. Before glaring at her brother with wide eyes. 

"Where are you going? Did you inform me?  "Derrick scolds. 

"I did not, but that's why I am telling daddy. There is no need to scold me. " she spits at him. 

"If you talk to me like that again,  I will make sure you do not step out of this house for a whole month! bet me! "He warns almost shouting

" Sorry, but I am not a baby anymore " she proclaims Before folding her hands. 

" will you shut up! Says who? To me,  you still are. My little sister!  Do you hear? " He shouts this time. 

"Your opinion doesn't matter, "She mumbles under her breath with distaste written all over her face. 

Their father who seems to be paying no attention to their cat fight finally speaks again.

" Esther, where to? "

" Daddy,  we have a church vigil today so I may not be back till 6:00am Tommorow" She lies while playing with the zip of her bag. 

" Are you and your brother attending different churches? " Mr. Adebayo asks as he senses something fishy going on.  

" No Daddy, we are not "Esther replies.

"So why is he not following you? Or is that where you are going Derrick? " He questions his son. 

"No sir. "Derrick replies sternly. 

"Then do you know anything about this? "He questions Derrick. 

"No sir" Derrick replies again. 

"If you both attend the same church,  how come he does not know? " Mr. Adebayo asks Esther. 

"Well, he did not attend the last Sunday service so he missed the announcement " Esther lies again. 


"Okay, " Mr. Adebayo replies after a few seconds of thought. He knows his daughter is lieing but is not willing to dive into it. 

He pauses and takes a sip of his tea before resuming his question and answer session. 

"So young man, where to? "He finally averts his attention to Derrick. 

"Well sir, Dayo and I planned a game night for today. "Derrick replies. Lieing just like his little sister. 

An act that makes Mr. Adebayo smirk as he knows both his children are lieing. However, he let's it go, for reasons best know to him.

"The both of you may go. You can not run from yourselves. I know the both of you too well. " He replies half warning before looking back at his papers. 

While Derrick and Esther are left wondering what their father meant as they walk out of the house. 


*Abi means right {A Nigerian slang} 

*&** Nah and haba are words of protest {Nice slangs} 

****Ehn is a word of exclamation 

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