Chapter three{3}

Narrators POV;

Esther arrives at an hotel and she walks into a darker coner of the parking lot as she carefully examines the expensive cars of different sizes, colors and brands parked there. 

She looks around to be sure shes not being watched and then she pulls off the baggy dress. Only to reveal an orange crop top which is strapped tightly against her  bust, but reveals no part of it. It only makes it's presence well known and helps to outline the perfect shape of her upper body. 

She is wearing a crazy skirt that is half way up her thighs, and she finishes it off with white golf shoes.  

 She looks very elegant and has changed from the churchy appearance to a very arousing one. She uses her hand to adjust her cloths, and boobs.  They are not too big and not too small either. Just the right size.

She majestically makes her way into the hotel building and what she is anticipating the most is Kunles expression when he sees her. Seeing her now, no one would never believe she is the same goody two shoes who just left her house.  

The hotels reception is very cold, quiet and empty. The only person there is the receptionist who is busy watching Zee World from the flat screen television on the wall. 

The receptionist does not notice Esthers presence till she clears her troath.  Which startles the poor receptionist. 

"Good evening ma'am" Esther greets in a rather apologetic tone as she knows she startled the receptionist. 

" Hello madam, welcome to Imperial Hotel. How may I be of service? " The bubbly receptionist replys with a smile to show all is forgiven. 

" Yeah, I am here to see a Mr. Kunle Ajayi. "Esther replies

"Sure, please give me a moment. "The receptionist requests and Esther nods. 

The receptionist brings out a hard cover book and scans through it with her eyes for a few seconds. Then she spends a few more seconds on the desktop before her.

"Madam, may I please know your name? " The receptionist finally questions. 

" Esther Adebayo". Esther replies

 "Okay, " The receptionist replies with a nod. 

She picks up the telephone that is resting on the table and puts a call through to Kunles room; 

" Hello, Good evening sir. This is a call from the reception. 

 A Miss Esther Adebayo is here to see you." She says into the phone. 

"Okay sir. " The reception says after making several stops in between statements to listen to Kunles Reply, and then receptionist drops the call. 

" He is in room 105 on the third floor ma'am. Have a nice time" The receptions replies. Saying the last part with a knowing look. 

"Thank you." Esther replies whilst shooting the receptionist daggers with her eyes because they both know that statement is not at all an innocent remark. 

Just like most typical Africans, this receptionist could not mind her business, and had to stylishy chip in a crude impression. 

Indirectly tagging Esther a 'call girl'. 

You have to be an experienced Nigerian to be able to decode such sarcasm and Indirect insults. 

Esther makes for the elevator and after a few seconds of peace, quiet, and inhaling the beautiful scent of the hotels lavish elevator, the doors of the elevator soon opens, Ushering her into a lobby with doors on both sides and paintings in between each beautiful door. 

With the room numbers crested on each wooden door.

She wonders how Kunle can afford to spend a night in this grand hotel. Talk more of a week which he has spent  already. 

Now don't get her wrong, Kunle is a well to do man. However, he just graduated from university last year and works as a banker in a private banking firm. 

His pay is high enough to put food on his table, dress him and put a roof over his head, but honestly not enough to afford such a grand and equally expensive hotel. 

She sometimes wonders if he is into another line of business and even hopes he isn't into dirty deals and all. Because each time she asks, he always covers it up with another topic and has never really given her an explanatory reply. 

She strides elegantly till she reaches room door 105. She takes her time to brush the wrinkles off her dress with her palms before taking a deep breath and then she proceeds to ring the door bell. 

Kunles voice calls from the other side; "Coming"

After a few seconds, Kunle opens the door. 

"Hello sugar, you made it! " He exclaims as he takes the sight of her in. 

"Yes. Do you see now that how much you mean to me? I risked alot to make it here. "Esther replies. 


"Yes I do. "He replies with yet another dashing smile. 

"Come in dear" He adds. Stepping aside for Esther to come in. 


"Let me guess, you used the church trick? "He questions as he shuts the door. 

"Wha.. How did you know that? " Esther questions in astonishment.  

"Well, it only makes sense. You show up looking so hot and yet without any makeup or jewelery. "He replies.

"Is it necessary?" Esther questions as she sits on the bed. 

"Well, the choice is yours to make. I am planning on taking you out tonight so... "Kunle replies. 

"In that case, I came prepared to fix that. "Esther replies with a chuckle as she pulls out a makeup purse from her bag. 

"Ha! Women!" Kunle exclaims on seeing this. Causing Esther to laugh

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