Chapter Four{4}

Narrators POV;

He walks out of the room and Esther takes off her scarf, arranges her hair and gets to business with her makeup. Not failing to access the room while it.

Kunle walks back into the room and acts like Esthers presence is nonexistent. He moves towards the wardrope and begins to undress.

He first takes off his shirt, and then his vest, to reavel his chest and well built body. He then takes off his trouser and places it on the bed.

The next thing that happens, is Esthers voice breaking the silence. She had been watching silently all along.

"Kunle, what are you doing? " she questions in alarm. Her eyes wide in fear.

"What does it look like I am doing? Cooking indomie? You can clearly see I am undressing. " He replies whilst gesturing with his hands at the clothes on the bed. The ones he just took off.

"Why? Kunle, is this what you called me here for? How could you even think like that? You know I am not that type of girl. I am not ready for this. I.." She begins to speak in panic as she stands to her feets trembling in fear. 

Esther is still a virgin and she sees Kunle undressing before her to be a red flag. 

"Esther! What's wrong with you? I'm just changing my clothes so I can take you out ! " Kunle replies. His voice a mixture of disappointment, hurt and anger.

"Oh, I am sorry" Esther replies in relief and guilt as her gaze falls to the ground in regret and embarrassment.

She feels stupid for screaming at her boyfriend for undressing infront of her. Did she seriously think he wanted to have sex with her? No. Before their relationship began, she made him promise not to ask for sex as she is still a virgin and is not ready to change that anytime soon.

"Just leave it. Never mind" Kunle replies with finality in his voice. It's no doubt Esther has spoilt his mood.

He turns to the wardrope and continues looking for what to wear while Esther hesitantly returns to her make up.

In the elevator;

" Kunle, I am sorry. Please wipe that frown off your face." She begs as she pockers her lips at him.

"I should wipe the frown off? You put it there so you should know how to wipe it off." He scoffs at her.

" But babe, I said I'm sorry. "Esther complains. 

"Sorry changes nothing." He replies still fumming. 

Just then, the elevator door opens leading to the reception. Kunle walks ahead of her and she tries her possible best to keep up.

Once they are outside, she drags him by the arm, to a dark portion of the compound.

" I said I am sorry! "

" You over reacted! "He Scolds

" No I didn't!" She replies using the same tone of voice as him.

"Fine then! " He replies in anger. Looking into the dark sky.

" Ife mi jor naw, eni bi òkan mi, ade ori mi, imole mi ninu okunkun."

( My love please naw, the one close to my heart, the crown on my head, my light in darkness.){Yoruba} 

She praises him in Yoruba, their local dialect, to bribe him into forgiving her.

"So now you want to bribe me?" He replies. Unmoved by her sweet words.

" Kunle! What is the meaning of all this?  I've been apologing for so long. What else do you want me to do? "She screams in anger and fraustration.

He tears his arm from her grip and begins to walk away.

She runs after him. They are close to the parking lot so she drags him between the cars. 

Once they are in the dark again, She kneels before him.

"My love, I am sorry, please forgive me. I came here for you. If you don't calm down now, I will go back to my fathers house" She threatens.

Kunles eyes widen due to this threat as he knows his girlfriend is not one for empty threats. He reaches down and pulls her up by her shoulders.

"You know I can't stay mad at you even if I want to, but you hurt me. 

So to you, I am like those irresponsible boys who would just ditch a girl after sex? You know I love you " He says passionately to Esther and she blushes.

He gets lost looking in her beautiful dark eyes, he doesn't realize when he gently rests her back against the car behind her, and plants a deep kiss on her lips.


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