Chapter Five {5}

Esther POV;

I blush uncontrolably when Kunle releases my lips and takes hold of my hand. 

"Shall we? "He questions and I nod with a blush. Kunle and I chat as we walk to where Kunle has planed for us. We walk for about a minute and the atmosphere is filled with noise, after walking a little longer,  the noise slowly morphs into loud music blaring from the huge speakers from what seems to be the hotels club. 

I tensen in fear as this the first time I am actually going to a club. However, to please a guy like Kunle, you need to be a little bad girl.

For instance, Kunle thinks I drink, but I never have. He thinks I smoke, but I don't even know how to use a lighter,  he thinks I have gone clubbing severally before, but this is my first time. 

A few of the things Kunle is correct about is that; he is my first boyfriend, gave me my first kiss and that I am a virgin. The  last part is something he so desperately wants to change but I will not have that. I know I am a horrible liar, but I love him too much to loose him just cause I can't let loose a little. 

At the entrance of the club, I gently grip his hand and look up at him. He returns my gesture with loving eyes, and I pray from the depths of my heart that he doesn't notice how much I am shaking in fear. 

The club is lit with blue and red lights, and is fully packed with love birds scattered in every corner in erotic moods.  Yours Faithfully; alcohol. 

Kunle walks towards an empty seat and I follow and take a sit beside him. A waiter approaches us and asks for our order. Kunle orders two bottles of black label and I so desperately want to protest but stop myself cause I just might end up blowing my cover. 

Kunle soon gets bored of sitting and asks me to follow him to the dance floor, and I agree. We start dancing and I am beyond uncomfortable. For one, we are basically the only couple on the dance floor who aren't twerking and grinding, and just asif the devil has it in for me, Kunles phone begins to ring so he excuses himself. Leaving me alone on the dance floor with over twenty intoxicated people. 

I have been standing idly, waiting Kunle for the past one minute, and when he does not show up, I decide to return to my seat and wait for him there. 

As I make to leave, I feel a strong pair of hands hold thigthly onto my bare waist, and my heart stops beating immediately and begins a furious, unsettled pattern of beats. 

Cold fingers begin to trail around my bare skin and draw imaginary circles all over my body. 

I turn around and find a drunk young man who looks about Kunles age behind me. He is not at all bad looking, but I don't fancy the idea of being this close with any other guy asides Kunle. 

I try desperately to leave the dance floor as I am not enjoying being victimized by a total stranger and Kunle is still nowhere to be see! The drunk seems to be having a little too much fun as his fingers occasionally slip under the band of my crop top and then out again. 

The contradicting determination between me and this drunk, leads to a mild struggle. I don't know how to handle the situation, one wrong move can bring embarrassment to me and another could cost me alot. As Kunle may find out I am a newbie at a club and most of our relationship is based on lies. 

Tears begin to form in my eyes as realization hits me. Even if I chose to scream or scold him, no one on the dance floor is sober enough to give a solid judgment or to even care, and battling a full grown man for freedom from his grip is definitely not a battle i can win alone. 

I sight Kunle return into the building and he begins to scan the place with his eyes in search of me. He soon finds me in the grip of another man. I am fighting back tears and instantly Kunle gets the message.

With wide steps, he makes his way to the dance floor and without much stress, rips me out of the grip of the drunk, young man. The drunk attempts to take hold of me again, resulting a tight slap from Kunle. 

Although the sound of the slap was so loud, no one on the dance floor heard it as the sound was instantly drowned out by the loud music playing. 

As you would expect from any man, this drunk isn't ready to be harrased by a fellow man. Causing him to charge towards Kunle. At first, it's just a round of slaps but when Kunle has had enough, he becomes the alpha and beats the drunk till the good for nothing fool passes out. 

The people around are cheering the fight but I am worried sick about kunle. What if he kills him! As soon as the fight is over, the drunk is left where he passed out, and everything goes back to the way it was a few moments ago. 

Once we return to our table, I remain silent as I begin to reminisce over what just happened. I struggle to hold back my tears but the river soon begins to pour like a waterfall with steady force. 

 Kunle pulls me into a hug and tries his best to console me and I eventually do calm down. Our drinks arrive a few seconds later, and I enter into my own head; 

*should I just tell him I do not drink alcohol or should I just leave the drink? No!  I will drink it. It's high time I try new things. Drinking can't become an addiction in just one night, and besides Derrick won't know I had a drink would he? But, what if I get in trouble? What happened back there was a result of my stupid lies. What if this somehow let's the truth come out? *

I am drawn out of my little reverie when Kunle snaps his fingers before my face and I laughs at his gesture to show acknowledgement. 

I concluded I'd have the drink and I take a sip of the drink and continue to chitchat with Kunle. I don't realize when I down the whole cup.

My entire system suddenly becomes inbalanced. At first it is disturbing but slowly begins to be soothing and relaxing. All the tensed muscles in my body begin to let loose and when this feeling completely engulfs my body, the lights  around me fade out.  

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