Chapter Six{6}

Narrators POV;

Later the same night, Derrick just arrived at Lisas house. As he drives in, he slows down to hand the gate man who would not stop hailing him, a thousand naira note and the gateman begins to shower him with prayers to show appreciation. 

Derrick drives into the compound and parks his car in his usual spot. He is excited about the possible odds the night will bring. He sits in his parked car absently tapping his fingers to the beat of the song playing from his radio. 

He begins to imagine what would happen once he steps into the house standing before him. A feel of electric current washes through his system and he comes out of his trans, giving a mischievous smile. 

After turning off his cars engine, he proceeds to the entrance of the house like a star walking towards a stage for an award. 

The house is very stylish. Infact, too grand to be called a house but a mansion. The compound is very spacious. It has a water fountain, garden, a parking lot with three grand cars and what not? This  compound is huge enough to accommodate another mansion and still have space left in it. 

Derick rings the door bell and a sweet feminine voice calls out from the inside;

"Who's there? "

"It's me" Derrick replies with a happy smile. 

"You who? "The voice playfully teases and Derrick rolls his eyes. 

"Lisa, we both know you know who it is" Derrick replies letting out a chuckle, and she giggles.

"Hold on a minute," she calls and after a few clicks and clacks, the door finally opens. 

A young lady comes out in a bogus raincoat and this apperance is odd to say the least. As she steps aside for Derrick to come in, he can't help but question;

"Is it meant to rain today or do you guys have plumbing issues? "

However, she simply giggles in reply and totally ignores the question. Once they are seated, she changes the  topic;

"What will you like to eat? "

"Ah, water will do just fine." He replies. 

"Okay then, " She says with a smile before rising up and heading to the kitchen.

Once Derrick is left alone, he begins to survey the house with his eyes. The mansion is very neat and well kept 'Lisa must really work her fingers to the bone to keep this place clean' he thinks to him self. 

The interior decor is mind blowing. Kinda makes the place look more like a hotel and not a house.  

She returns with a tray on which lays; a glass cup containing water and a plastic cup containing dark liquid. 

"Here you go, "She says with a broad smile to get his attention whilst placing the tray on the table before Derrick. 

"Thank you." He replies as he grabs the cup of water. He takes a sip of the water, and gulps down the whole dark liquid after smiling at Lisa. As this mystery substance is well known to both of them. A herbal mix to help boost his performance in bed.

He closes his eyes to savour the bitter taste of the mix and the burning sensation in his chest. After a deep inhale and exhale session, he finally opens his eyes.  

What he sees before him, causes his eyes widen so much so, it looks like his eye balls would fall out of their sockets anytime soon. 

Lisa had unbuttoned the raincoat only to reaveal a very attractive bikini. Lisa is a very attractive, light skined, slender, tall woman in her early twenties. She has a very curved body that makes whatever she wears look good on her. She is educated, filthy rich and still lives with her parents. 

 Derrick is totally mesmerized at the sight and is at a loss for words so Lisa breaks the silence;

"What? " She questions with a giggle.

Derrick makes to speak but his mouth just hangs open in awe. This isn't the first time he's seeing Lisa in wearing revealing clothes, but every time, Derrick keeps feeling like it's the first. 

"It seems someone likes what he sees." Lisa teases as she tries to stifle her laughter. Derrick follows her gaze and looks down at his pants, only to find the national flag at full mask. Standing tall. 

He looks up at Lisa in embarrassment and she bursts into laughter before running up the long fleet of stairs and Derrick follows. He takes hold of the rain coat in an attempt to grab her, but she let's it fall off her body as she keeps running up the stairs. He throws the coat on the floor and continues his chase . 

Lisa runs into her room, leaving the door slightly open for Derrick. Her room is decorated like that of a twelve year old princess. The major color and theme of the room is pink and white. From furniture,  to curtains,  to bed spread, to walls, doors, and even the rug! Everything is either pink or white. 

Derrick walks into the room and takes off his belt, he throws it to the ground like it is something that has been standing in his way and he has finally overcome it. Next to go is his trouser which he dumps on Lisas study chair and then goes his shirt and every other form of clothing on his body.

He charges towards Lisa like a mad and starved lion which has just found food. Quickly and skillfully, he rids Lisa of every form of clothing and she remains motionless like a conquered prey.

A typical cowboy mounts his horse and begins to ride{thrust} like a professional. His horse gallops over sticks, ditches, streams, ponds, bumps and fallen trees. 

The wind blows the riders wet hair and he screams and yells for pleasure, while the horse in return, increases her moans and screams of pleasure. 

The rider stops to catch his breathe, and the horse stops by a stream to have a drink and not long after, the riders adventurous ride continues. After the rider releases, he climbs off his horse, and both rider and horse have a timeout. 

"That was... Good" Lisa's hoarse voice remarks. 

"Yeah. I can't recall the last time I felt so good. "Derrick replies

"I don't mind you staying through tomorrow "she informs him. 

"Lol, How about I keep coming to visit? I can't stay at a stretch. Both my father and sister are home so... "Derrick says. 

"Okay." Lisa replies a bit disappointed. 

"I need to shower" Derrick says after a few seconds of silence. 

"No! I'm going first. "Lisa states and Derricks jaw drops. 

"But I said It first" He complains. 

"Duhh, This is my house so I can do as I please. " Lisa says and Derick raises a brow as he gets that Lisa is deliberately trying to be 'difficult'. 

 He rushes to the restroom and Lisa springs after him. They both get in, turn on the shower, and begin to fight for  dominance. Which somehow leads to the continum of the horse and riders adventure.  

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