Chapter Seven{7}

Esthers POV;

I wake up in the hotel room where I came to meet Kunle yesternight. I have a horrible headache and my entire body hurts. I have been properly tucked into bed.

Kunle is such a darling to have... To have... To have what?

How did I get here? When did I get here? What happened yesterday? And where is Kunle?

Many questions begin to form in my mind and a sharp pain shoots through my head from behind.  That's my body's signal to me to take a things easy if I don't want this headache to transform into a Migraine. 

I sit up slowly, in an attempt not to irritate my already hurting head. I call out Kunles name as I have not seen him since I woke up. When I called for what I consider to be enough,  I pick up the telephone beside the bed and place a call to the reception. 

The voice assures me that Kunle has not been seen downstairs. What's going on?  

A breeze of realization hits me and my system shoots to hyper mode. Where is Kunle? Where could he have gone so early in the morning and that too without informing me! He knows full well I'm bound to get worried. Did I... Did i do something yesterday?

I take out my phone and begin to dial his number and it keeps going straight to voice mail.

I am about to get a full blown panic attack when Kunle walks out of the restroom. With a towel wrapped around his lower body leaving his torso completely bare. 

He is so good looking, I forget my worries and begin to drool over my boyfriend's alluring physique. Then he draws me out of my reverie with his voice;

"You are one lucky girl, hun? "He asks a rhetorical question as he folds his hands across his chest to show off his muscles and I instantly feel my cheeks burn. 

"You! Where have you been? "I ask stupidly to hide my blush from him.

"I went to get my nails done. " He replies sarcastically and I glare at him.  

"Didn't you just see me walk out of the restroom? "He then adds and I roll my eyes. 

"Why weren't you picking your calls? "I throw another stupid question. 'He couldn't pick cause he was in the bathroom Esther!' My subconscious screams at me. 

"Firstly, no normal person picks a call at 5:30am. Secondly, the restroom is not a phonebooth and thirdly my phone is on silent and in my bag. "He replies as he walks towards the wardrobe. Gesticulating with his hands as he speaks. 

I give no reply as my mind drifts off to other thoughts.

"Look away. I want to put on my boxers. Before you accuse me of attempting rape this time." He says causing me to chuckle and at the same time look away. 

"Baby? "I call to get his attention. 

"Yeah? " He replies

"How did I get back into the room? " I question. 

"It's a long story"He replies

"I'll listen. "I reply as I turn my face him. He is shirtless and in shorts. I could stare at this image the whole day if permitted.

"Hello? " he calls to gain my attention. 

"Huh? Oh, sorry. "I reply blushing as he caught me staring. 

"It's okay. I'm all yours so you can droll a much as you want. " He replies smirking. 

"You wish! "I reply to spite him but it has no effect. He simply sits on the bed and draws closer to me.

"You know, You could do a lot more with my body than just droll over it" He whispers into my ear. Causing me to laugh and hit him with a pillow. 

"So, what happened? "I ask as I lay my head on his shoulder. 

"Like I said, It's a very long and intresting story" he replies laying emphasis on the 'e' In very. 

"You never said anything about it being interesting. " I reply. 

"Well, it was. 

So, you got drunk like really drunk after a few shots. You needed to see yourself dancing. *OMO you can dance o" He replies and laughs at the last part. 

*Omo =Wow, damn!

"I danced?" I quiz in astonishment. 

"Yes o. Infact, let me show you what you looked like" He replies before jumping off the bed. He then begins to do some silly moves and I can't help but laugh. Did I actually do that? 

He does a few more and we laugh over them. We begin to chat when I look up at the wall clock. F*ck!! I totally lost track of time. I told my family I would be home by 6:00am but its already 7:00am. I am so dead. 

I jump off the bed leaving my boyfriend to wonder what the matter is. I grab my bag and head for the bathroom. He questions me and I tell him why i am in such a rush. 

I am about to take my shower when I see a white material soaked in a bucket. He's washing laundry in an hotel as exquisite as this? He can just hand it over to them for laundering.

"Baby, what is this? "I call out to him. 

"What? "He calls back. 

"The cloth you soacked here" I reply. 

"No! No!! No!!! Don't thouch it! Leave it! Infact bring it here." He quickly replies and orders with his voice rising. I sense a bit of fear in his voice. What is so important about this... Thing?  

I'm about to touch it when he begins to bang against the door. Irritated and puzzled, I pass the bucket containing the cloth to him while hiding behind the bathroom door to avoid him seeing my nakedness. 

"What's up with you?" I question. 

"Nothing, I just don't want you doing my laundry. "He replies and I roll my eyes. 


I turn on the shower and only then do I pay attention to my body. My thighs, waist, lower back, and my entire abdomen hurts. 


There is this strange but somewhat familiar feeling I am getting from my abdomen. Strange in a way I can't explain and familiar in the sense that it feels very much like menstrual cramps. 

I look down at my legs to be sure and that is when I see thin lines of blood flowing down the inside of my thighs. 

Menstruation? But it's not yet time! And God, this is the wrong time for this. I don't even have a pad with me! I hope I haven't messed up the hotels bed. 

I let the cold water wash over my body for sometime before drying up. I put on the clothes I had on before my shower and then I take out the huge dress I used to leave the house. I wear the huge gown over my clothes and I tie my hair into a bun and back into the scarf I brought with me. 

Then I result to the 911 or emergency menstruation tip some friends thought me some years back. It's not hygienic, but it's for situations like this when you find yourself in a pickle and in need of a way out. It's not to be used for a long period of time but just pending when you get an actual pad. It's a very simple and maybe popular technique, honestly. 

I take a huge chunk of tissue paper and fold it roughly, not neatly. Then i place it in my under pants and I'm good to go till I get a sanitary pad. 

I take one last look at myself in the bathroom mirror and I smile ironically at the little liar staring back.  Looking at me now, one would never guess I spent the night with a boy. 

I step out of the restroom only to find my boyfriend tapping away on his phone. He doesn't take note of my presence till I deliberately clear my throat to catch his attention. 

He looks up at me and his expression is priceless. His eyes and mouth both open in either shock and surprise.


"Jesus Christ! *Who be dis? "He shouts equally trying to hold his laughter

*( Who is this?){pidgin}

"Is this what you had to wear in order to leave your house? Oh No! Holy mother Mary, have mercy. " He replies laughing heavily. 

He falls to his back on the bed laughing and holding on to his stomach as tears escape his eyes. Is that truely how bad I look? 

Although I am as red as a tomato due to anger from his mocking comments, I can't stop my heart from melting to the sound of his laughter. It sounds so soothing, I want to record it and set it as my phones ringtone. 

How on earth did I grow to love this man so much. Never have i ever thought for once in my life that I would find true love. Kunle sure is a blessing to me. Although he knows just how to  step on my toes, he also knows how to set my mood right with the smallest things he does.   

I patiently wait for him to finish laughing for what seems like two minutes. Two minutes of pure, undiluted music to my ears. 

Once he is done, I walk over to him and pinch him before planting a kiss on his perfect lips and heading out. In the elevator, I begin to wonder what explanation to give for being so damn late. And also the worst things that could possibly happen. For example, brother Derrick going to the church to find me and realizing that there was never a vigil.....or...  

The elevators doors open and I make my way out of the building. I catch the receptionist and a few others glaring at me. 

What? Do I look so odd? what if I came to see a pope or something?  People and not knowing how to mind their damn business!  


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