Chapter Eight{8}

Lisa walks into her bed room a finds Derrick shirtless and carelessly sprawled over her bed. She is in a night dress. Very long. Ankle length and big enough to hide her  perfect curves.

She stares at Derrick for a while before proceeding to the window on the other side of the room. She pulls both curtains apart. Allowing the beautiful morning Sundays spill into the room in an attempt to wake Derrick, but she action makes no difference as instead of waking him, the sun plants a tender kiss on his bare back and he acknowledges this by shifting into a more comfortable position.

Lisa walks back to the other side of the bed with her hands on her hips. Wondering what she could do to wake him up. She drifts off when memories of the last night begin to flood her mind, and a smile of satisfaction creeps unto her face.

Derricks POV;

I wake up to find my beautiful Lisa standing before me. Her hands Akimbo(on her waist){Nigerian Song} 

She seems to be deep in thought and although staring at me, she doesn't realize I have woken up.

"Am I that handsome? "I question to pull her out of her head as I adjust in the bed. Laying on my side with my head cradled in my palm.

"Huh? "She questions as she snaps back to reality. She was defintely far into dreamland.

"You were just standing there admiring me. "I reply with a playful smirk. I of course am proud of my looks. It's one of the things that brought the ladies around in my school days. 

That's excluding the money, voice, grades and all. I must say, I am a full package. 

"Oh, you think I was admiring you? I was busy plotting how to wake you up. If to have used ice cold water or room temperature. "She replies and my jaw drops.

Ouch. Okay, this woman knows how to escape a corner.

"Can you imagine!  "I exclaim in disbelief which causes her to laugh. 

She makes to leave the room but then turns back on her heels to face me.

"Yes, I came here to tell you that food is ready and you should come down once you've had your bath. " She says.

"Food or food? "I reply laying emphasis on the 'oo' in the second 'food'. She knows I am implying sex and she laughs it off.

"Punk! Just come and eat. "She insults with a laugh and my jaw drops. Me? Punk? Does she even know what that means? 

She makes to leave and I rush off the bed just in time to catch the hem of her dress. She turns around in surprise and I pull her petite body down unto my laps. She is surprised by my action and I'm pleased to find her speechless. 

"You're damn gorgeous you know? " I commend as I admire the beauty on my laps.

"Yes I do. "She replies rolling her eyes and shurging her shoulders. This woman has always been as hard as a rock. Too though to move with words, but I still try anyways. After all, there's no lady too though for me. 

"You know, there's something different about you. " I begin but she cuts me. 

"There's everything different about me Mr! "She replies pocking my nose with her index finger and I smile before I begin planting kisses along her neck. She giggles for a while before she gets up from my laps. 

"Alright, that's enough. Go take your a and come down for breakfast. "She orders and I roll my eyes. I am not I  the mood to bath. I just want her beneath me. However, she's clearly not in the mood so its not happening. 

"Yes mummy. "I reply and roll my eyes as she exits the room.  Why is she so hard to get to? Sometimes I feel behind that smile and innocent face lays and ocean of undiscovered and dark emotions. Either that or she deserves a PHD in mood swingology.

But what do I care? I'm only here for the profit. Soon she'll be out of my life.

I get out of bed and head for the bathroom to take my shower.

I come out of the bathroom but my cloths are not on the study chair on which I dumped them last night. Where are they?

With my towel wrapped around my waist, I head to the top of the stairs and demand the where about of my clothes from Lisa.

"Where are my clothes? " I yell so she can hear me.

"Check the closet. Also, I put out a fresh boxer for you. The one you wore yesterday has been washed and is also in the closet. "She replies using a towel to wipe the dinning table.

"Waow, thanks hon. You're such an angel." I commend. She honestly is full wife material. Whoever would eventually get married to her would be lucky.

"Sure." she replies dryly. I was expecting her to giggle or blush but I got nothing. Sometimes, i just don't get that woman.

I come out of the room in my clothes from last night and my old underwear in a red Polly bag as she had packed it.

On getting to the buttom of the stairs, my nose is welcomed with all sorts of aromas. The aromas are so strong my stomach instantly growls.

Lisa walks out of the kitchen and catches me deeply inhaling the aroma of her food and she begins to laugh.

"What's for breakfast? "I quiz as my taste buds have began to dance about in my mouth.

"That's a surprise. " She replies as she displays a flirtatious smile at me.

With two wide steps, I cover the space between us and grab her tiny waist in my arms.

"You never seize to surprise me, do you? " I coo with my lips inches away from hers and our eyes locked.

Something sparks in her eyes. I don't know what it is but it's different. Does Lisa love me? Lol, how sad! This poor girl is in for a surprise.

"Oh, the party has not even began. I have a lot of surprises planed for you Mr. Derrick Adebayo. A lot" She replies seductively as she uses her fingers to draw invieible circles on my chest.

Her current aura so seductive it almost turns me on. Although there isn't any space left between us, I pull her closer. My heart beating faster. She senses my lust and rewards it with a kiss before freeing herself from my grip and returning to the kitchen.

Sometimes, looking closely at Lisa brings an uneasy feeling. Memories from my past that I have been struggling to lock in my closets threaten to break loose. Memories I honestly want to forget. Only my family and Dayo, know about this past. It almost sent me to rehab but I was able to escape that by a hair line.

Lisa looks strongly familiar and although closely examining her seems to draw a link to my past, I'd still stay in her company. Cause I have to keep this up till I get what I want.

I head out of the house towards my car and that is when I bump into Adamu. Lisa's talker Hausa gateman who for some reason looks Igbo.

"Ah!! Oga sir! Good morning fah! How your night? " He begins as soon as he sights me.

(Boss, good morning! How was your night. Ah' and 'fah' are exclamations){Pidgin}

"Erm, Adamu, how far you now?" I greet.

(Adamu, what's up?) 

"I dey sir. How your night? " He replies and once again questions .

( I am good sir. How was your night?)  

I raise my brow at this. What exactly does he want to hear?

"T'was good." I reply dryly as I am getting tired of having this conversation with my girlfriend's gate man when delicious food  is waiting for me inside.

"Hope madam no too worry you?" He questions

(Hope my boss didn't cause you much discomfort?)

Initially, I would have picked this question up and demanded what he meant to imply, but not right now.  Half my sanity is pulling me back into the house to the food and the other half is pulling me to my car to dump this Polly bag.

Besides, Adamu has been a good boy to me. So I'll just give him what I know he wants. Money. I squeeze Two Thousand Naira Notes into his hands and begin to walk away from him when he jumps into prayers.

"Thank you sir. May you get just what you deserve in life." He prays and my heart two skips a beat at his words.

Firstly, that's more of a curse. Cause the way I toy and have been toying with woman deserves no good reward from life. Secondly, did Adamu just speak English and not Pidgin! When did he learn to do that?

I turn around to face him and find him glaring at me.

"Where did you learn to speak so fluently? "I quiz In astonishment.

"Ah! Nah Madam Lisa o. She talk say make I dey learn English. Say she no like the pidgin way I dey talk. 

So I com start to dey watch Oyinbo film. I try ba? " He replies smiling sheepishly.

(It's Madam Lisa. She said I should learn English. That she doesn't like the 'Pidgin' I speak. So i started watching English films. I tried right? *OYINBO is what Yorubas and many other Nigerians call whites*) {pidgin}

I smile and nod. Impressed, and he walks off. With this, I am left walking to my car with my own thoughts in my head.

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