Chapter Ten{10}

Derricks POV;

That little twerp! How dare she? With he tiny body, she should be grateful I wasn't in the mood to snap her in two!


I know it's my fault alright? But she seriously needs to learn how to keep it together! She can't go around snapping at me. I mean who would ever want to marry such a contraption of moods? 

Fuck! I need to calm down. To think this shit through with a clam head. No Lisa, less profit. I'm a working class man, but dating someone like Lisa is the life! VIP passes at clubs, meals at five star resurants, and so much more. Her money and the life she offers are the only reason I'm still with her, and I'm done with my plan so I can't afford to loose her. 

 I need to think of a way to fix this. Asides loosing the money, I don't want to loose her perfect body. Not till I have had enough of it.

To clear my head, I turn on my cars radio and Hate The Other Side be Juice WRLD & Marshmello floods my car. 

I so much love this song. Not just because of late Juice WRLD, but cause it's kind of the first song that really gots to me. 

Great! Just what I need! Getting stuck in Lagos traffic so early in the morning! Goodness knows when this damn cars are going to move.

All this *danfo (public transport)  drivers **sef! (Word of exclamation) 

I turn of my cars engine to save my fuel and my stomach begins to growl at me. Ugh! Did i really have have fight with Lisa? It made me miss the food! Such delicious food! 

I call one of the hawkers in the traffic and buy a cold bottle of Coke. The best drink in the world mind you, and two Gala sausage rolls. 

I relax my nerves looking at how this uncivilized danfo drivers are struggling to get through this horrible hold up. Looking at how old and battered thire vehicles are, it's very clear that these drivers drive with little to no care for their lives.  Which is true. Sometimes, this thugs deliberately bump peoples cars on the road and put the blame on the people just to get the people to pay them money. Money which could be more than their daily income sometimes. 

If there is a basic rule normal Nigerian drivers stick to, it's to 'stay clear of Danfo You drivers! ' For the sake of your pocket, car and of course your life... And your dignity.

And the same rule applies to Okada men(bike riders). The danger with this guys is that they are mostly always armed and ready to attack. Also because Hausa men are very united. Mess with one of them and you have welcomed trouble from every other Hausa Okada man in the area. 

I admire the survival spirit in many Nigerians. To be able to go through this pattern of life, be able to remember every basic rule to survive hours out of the comfort of your home. Also to be able to know forgetting a single rule could be very costly to you. 

Suddenly, I sight three children from my side mirror walking in the direction my car is heading. 


Two boys and a girl. All so neat and organized. Shoes neatly coated with black polish, hair neatly brushed and braided, uniforms neatly ironed and aura so sophisticated. 

Looking at them reminds me of when I used to walk Esther to the junction to wait for our mom to come pick us up after school. 

One of the boys looks like the oldest, and the girl looks like the second oldest while the younger boy looks to be about six or seven years old. I keep watching them and the two eldest are discussing intensively.  Looking at how I am smiling at these kids, one could think I am their father who is secretly spying on his kids. 

The traffic begins to move so I reluctantly turn my engine back on, but just as expected; the movement is not a very progressive one as I only moved a few feet's away from my old spot. 

As they pass my car, I hear them arguing about the punishments God will give to fornicators and adultras. This causes me to gulp. 'God isn't trying to pass a message to you Derrick!  Calm down. Besides, you have already served your punishment. 'My subconscious notes and I take a deep breath to calm myself. 

Alone In my car, I begin to wonder if to pick my phone up and place a call to Lisa to beg for her forgiveness. That's not gonna work! Words don't easily get to her. 

I need to plan something big for that bitch! She is lucky I gain enough from her to make up for all I have to do for her. 

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