Chapter Eleven {11}

Esthers POV;

I wake up to my fathers tender but strong fingers on my shoulder shaking me out of my sleep. 

I got home by 7:30am and my father didn't seem worried about it. However, I still had to lie to him. I told my father that I was stuck in traffic after an hours prayer session and that was enough to get him out of my hair... I hope. 

"What happened? otin sún lataro. " He asks as he sits beside me on my bed.

 (You have been sleeping since morning) {Yoruba} 

"Kosi, tori Virgil ti mo se ni " I reply sitting up. 

(It's nothing, it is because of the Virgil I observed) {Yoruba} 

Honestly, my entire body is aching and I feel the need to sleep. The menstrual circle I thought began today, had stoped by the time I got home. Which is... Strange. 

I would have to look into that a bit later. 

"Where is your brother? " My father questions me, and hike looking at my wall clock, and

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