Chapter Twelve {12}

Third Persons Narrative;

Later that same day in the evening, the Adebayo family are at their dinning room, eating a delicious meal of white rice and Yoruba stew. A meal prepared by Esther.

Everyone is paying all their attention on their food as Esther and Derrick are not close enough with their father to chitchat at the dining table. After all, what is there to talk about? 

It's not Like the good old days when Mrs. Adebayo was still alive and little Esther and teenage Derrick would sit at the dining with their parents. The room shaking with laughter of the children as they filled their parents in on the latest drama in school, the newest teachers, the ones who flogged and punished them unjustly, the ones who gave too much assignments and so much more. 

But after Mr. Adebayos better half had crossed over to the other side, life in the family became the total opposite of what if used

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