Chapter Fourteen {14}

Dayo's POV;

I am at my office attending to some files on my table. Some government officials would be coming to check our revenue update soon and I have to be sure that our secretary has cut the right corners and followed due procedure. Else, we would loose a lot. Oil company's are one of the governments major targets for revenue. 

I have gone over this files three times and I always seem to find a new thing wrong each time. I need full concentration.

As I am going through the file for the forth time, I am almost halfway through, thanking God I haven't made a single mistake, when my phone suddenly begins to buzz and that totally scrambles the entire calculations I have been working on. God damn it! Who is calling now?

I picked a Saturday to work so no one would bother me, but here I am getting a call from one.... Oh, it's Derrick. What's up now? 

I draw the phone up to m
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