Chapter Fifteen {15}

Esthers POV;

I  woke up this morning in a bad mood. It wasn't exactly a bad mood, I woke up like every normal person and when I remembered last night, my mood strongly became sore. 

I head to my dressing mirror and stare the impact of his slap on my now numb cheek. It's a bit swollen and my eyes are red from crying last night. It's only a deep red line that is visible on my face. 

One of the down sides of being fair is the fact that the slightest injury displays it self on your skin like an award. 

I head into the bathroom, take my bath and carry out most of my morning rituals before coming out of the restroom. I put on a hood and a thight pair of jeans. I pack my braids in a pony tail and I am ready for the day. 

I apply *Aboniki to my face. I don't just like this balm cause of it's powerful effect, but because of it's powerful smell and pepry

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