The room was dark, and there was an unbearable stench to it. She moved a little, and the rope which held her hands tightly behind the chair squeezed more tightly. She groaned and yelled angrily and felt like yanking so hard at her hands, maybe, just maybe she'll set them free and remove the blindfold from her eyes. The only time she wasn't blindfolded or tied to a chair was when she was being fed. The first day she had been brought, Zeenah refused to eat everything she was given. But by the second day, when she realized that she needed to eat to survive, she began eating, while the large hulk man stands beside her, his hands folded across his chest.

She was still yet to see any face apart from his. She tried so hard to think of any reason why someone will decide to kidnap her but couldn't. Nothing actually makes any sense to her no matter how hard she tried. The only other time she had felt a presence, was when she was snapped. She knew she had been snapped beca

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Raeesah Sader
sad that the eastern world men are portrayed as abusive ..
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Renee Higgins-Gilmore
I hope they end up together...I can't believe how her ex turned out so evil

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