Two days later

She tried to open her eyes, but it felt as though they've been glued by something. She tried again but quickly shut them back as soon as she had opened them because of the blinding lights from the light bulbs in the room. The next time she tried, she was able to squint her eyes a little to adjust to the blinding lights. However, the first thing that caught her attention was the white Celine and the white walls surrounding her. Was she dead already? Perhaps, she might already be in heaven. God, what a life she had had to live to have died that way.

She turned her head a little, and that was when she saw someone sitting right beside her. From all indications, it was a man, because the curly hair was bent right towards her, enough to want to make her move her hand and run them through the hair. A sigh escaped her lips when she finally realized who was sitting there.

At the sound of her sigh, AbdulRashe

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