For the next two months, Zeenah had avoided everything that might possibly link her to AbdulRasheed. Not even when he calls does she picks, nor does she replies his endless text messages. But what annoyed her the most was that, despite what she thought that if she avoids AbdulRasheed, she would be able to forget everything and be happy, that didn't happen. Each time she lay back on the bed to sleep, she kept remembering their happy moments and wondered what would happen if they were still together.

She remembered the constant nagging, begging and all from Samirah not to let go of AbdulRasheed, but nothing Samirah had said then had made her changed her mind. And even now, as she remembered everything, she would've still chosen for AbdulRasheed to set her free from all.

AbdulRasheed, as strong-headed as she had always known him to be had refused to let her go. He promised to hold onto her for as long as she needs, he'll be waiting, with open

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