The next two days had been busy, and Zeenah spent them smiling all through like a loon. It was something she had never imagined was ever possible, her finding true love was nothing she had ever thought of, but she did, and she was going to relish in the thought. She recalled the teasing smile on Baba's face when she had told him that she would go back to AbdulRasheed in three days time. Baba's face lighted up with sheer joy, and she had recalled him asking her if there was anything she needs.

Maama was also not left behind. She had raced to the room when Baba had told her and had asked Zeenah if that was true. Zeenah had ducked her head down and nodded in response.

"Alhamdulillah (to God be the glory),"  Maama had said "I'm so happy that you've finally decided to give your love a chance, Zeenatu. May Allah continue to bless you in folds, and may you always and forever be happy, beautiful."

She had wiped the lone

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