A Spinster

14th August 1996.

Kano, Nigeria.

9:13 pm

The cold humid air of early august blows around the hospital corridor, sending shivers down the spine of those waiting along the labour ward. Three, out of the four people waiting were seated, while one of them kept pacing to and fro. An unreadable expression on his face. 

"Bello, get yourself seated, please!" His elder brother Alhaji Sa'eed said.

"I can't, Brother. I can't be at ease without knowing how my wife is doing in there. She's suffering" he replied as if his puppy-like face will save his wife from what she's going through.

"Sit down and pray for her. That is the only solution right now, this pacing of yours is pissing me off" Alhaji Sa'eed scolded him.

"Fine!" Alhaji Bello said, heaving a defeated sigh as he sat down "Allah gani gareka. (I'm in your hands, Oh Lord!)" It has bee

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