A Spinster 2

2nd May 2006

Ten years later, Abuja. Nigeria.

"Ga Aljanin nan zuwa (the jinn is coming)" Safina whispered into the ears of her sleeping sister sakina "Get up quickly kis kis, you haven't prayed and he's going to take you away" she added.

Sakinah yelped and jumped up, it was already past 11 pm and it had rained heavily that day which make it possible for everywhere to be dark.

Safina and Nafisa laughed seeing the scared expression on their sister's face.

"Where is the jinn? Please tell it to go back I'll pray" sakinah said trembling.

"Well, you're praying isha very late, so it'll come over and punish you," Nafisa said smiling evilly.

"No!" Sakina shouted in her high pitched voice. Mama rabi quickly rushe

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Renee Higgins-Gilmore
I don't believe in having more than one wife..I'm sure this is your culture. As a woman who was abused by her husband I couldn't read about what she went through. I am glad she was finally happy
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