10. Games

Two days later, Abubakar notified Zeenah  that he would be travelling to Zaria on a matrimony basis; Zeenah stared at him, in her thought, asking who could this be that she is not aware of and moreso, never heard about. 

"Yaayy! should I get my bags ready too?''

She interrupted Abubakar from operating his phone. “Pack your bags and go to?'' He asked slowly.

''I thought you'd be taking me along, ain’t you?

''Did I say so? What gave you that impression?''

Okay, Zeenah thought. Why was he getting all worked up over something that simple?

''Never mind. I'll get your bag ready then. By the way, who's this 'anonymous friend’ of yours?'' She asked, air quoting the favourite cousin's part.

Okay! He had had enough of her bullshits. ''When was it made a policy for me to tell you everything about myself? I can't remember when the law was p

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