After taking to Brandon and basically not telling him anything to him,I follow him silently through the empty hallways to the school nurse. But if the school nurse sees me won't she know?

Brandon didn't pressurised me to say anything if I don't want to which is kind of good thing  but school nurse going to know everything after she  look my injuries.

And what if my family know about this, I bring another shame for them, ok Braze you have to tell Brandon not to open his mouth. Or maybe it is ok if we don't go their,yea I think it's a best idea.

I'm just about to tell Brandon to not open the door to her office but it's too late and he enters. I gulp and follow after him angrily. After all she can't force me to take off my sweater right?

Yea, I will make sure she will not see my nacked body.

Yea and if she didn't listen to me I will punch and then run away.

Ok,ok Br

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