I can't believe my eyes they all are standing for me. Someone like me.

"But he...." Alex tries to say something but Ash gare him.

"We don't want to know" he hissed.

"But you have to know everything" Jace try to talk.

Wow, my siblings really want to tell them everything just because of their ego.

"And we don't want to know anything believe me, what do you think about your own brother is none of our business but don't you dare to insult him or I will tell my boyfriend to make your life living hell" Ash threaten them which I found kind of cute because his whole face is red and he is pouting.

Alexander who has been standing quietly takes one look at a very annoyed Ash and then looks at my siblings who flinch under his piercing gaze. What is it with Group S that makes them so damn intimidating especially Brandon, Alexander and Kan?

Well, it looks like Alexander

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