"Tell me Bree are you going to confess," Ash asked and I look towards him.

"Ash there is no way okay? Like you said he has never dated anyone seriously and someone like me doesn't stand a chance...he is famous and I am nothing but newbie" I mumble. Ash sighs and then smiles gently at me.

"I think same about Alexander before that night Ash I know it's difficult I can understand your situation, you know a nerd guy's like us never even dream about date some famous student, but I tell you one truth Bree listen carefully we all are just a Highschool students nothing more nothing less after 10 years many nerds like us become a billionaire and millionaire and many famous students like them earn 1000$ per month or they will work under the nerd students like us"

"Why are you telling me all those shit Ash and we are not a character's of some fictional Stories it's a real-life" I gare for him he is talking nonsense.

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