"Hey Bree"

I fitch when Ash calls me.


Ash gave me a wired look and then say

"I am telling you that I think Brandon knows that you know why they bully you and he's really pissed. Judging by what Alexander told me the day we helped you Brandon had been snapping at everyone until he made that two pay in the best way. I heard they were called to the principal's office for you know...drugs. Someone told the principal about they are doing some drug dealing business in school and I am damn sure it was none other than Brandon. I think he makes all this plan to make them suffer and put them in their places and I am sure Bree they will never going put a finger on you"

I bit my lips

Brandon did all this because of me.

"S-So h-he i-is p-protesting me" I shutter and Ash nodded

"And Bree, you know, Sammy, Clare and me have still not forgiven ourselves for letting all those things happen to you. I know you didn't tell us but we could have stuck with you whenever you disappeared. We're also
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