Ash quickly crawls out and I'm right behind him, trembling because this is it. This is how Braze future ends. Under a fucking desk, caught by non other than freaking Hodge.

"Well..we just you lost? I needed to use a computer so I my mum! Because ..uh..I don't have a phone! And well I heard there are some really awesome computers down here so we went here!" Ash lamely explains and I want to facepalm myself. Really? Fucking really? That's the explanation that's going to save our future? I'm fucked.

Hodge raises our brow. "Really? Then explain why you were under the desk?"

Ash looks at me pleadingly and I bite my lip.

" Ash doesn't know his mum's email so he wrote it done on a piece of paper that he dropped on the ground and he couldn't find it. It's very dark in here so I went down with him on the floor to look and turned on the flash on my phone." I lie and put on a smile. Ha.Haha. Great, thi

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