Alexander crosses his arms and curses . "You two are reckless, thoughtless, idiotic-..!"

"But smart." Brandon interrupts and gives us a proud smile. "Way to go team AshBree, now we can take down this psycho."

Alexander looks at Brandon with warning. Ash entire face lights up."AshBree?! Did you hear that Alexander? Omg we have a ship name Bree!" He says like he can't believe it and then jumps at me, squishing me with his body.

I whimper when he squeezes too much, my body still being a bit sore.

"That's enough idiota" Who would've thought that Alexander would be my savior.

Ash releases me and apologises.

"AshBree. BreeAsh. Sounds so good, nice one Brandon! AshBree!"

"Goodness grief, this boyfriend of mine.." Alexander mumbles. "Idiota focus on what's important!"

Ash snaps out of it and turns serious. "Oh yeah, right!"

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