Brandon mother eyes me from top to toe. "Good choice Brandon, he looks adorable. Are you sure you deserve him?"

"Oh mum, stop, you're embarrassing him!" Brandon says and gives me a wide grin.

I glare at him. "Brandon release me." I hiss but Brandon shakes his head."Brandon I have to greet your mum properly!" I hiss again and struggle in his arms because I'm legit starting to panic.

I hear Brandon mum chuckle and I see here approaching. She ruffles my hair playfully and I give her a small smile. "No need. I like you a lot not like that other boy."

When she mentions 'that other boy' her face twists in anger for a second before returning to be the nice mum. "I told Brandon not to choose him. But I really like you, little rose"

'Well I guess it's a family thing to call me little rose..'I think to myself.

Then she glares at Brandon. "I'll punch you

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