We're on our way to drop off Nia and Elven when Ash stops the car two blocks away from Elven house.

"Thanks for coming Elven." Ash says. At least thirty seconds pass with pure silence before Ash turns around and looks at Elven. "Why are you still here?"

Elven is utterly confused and Nia speaks up, " Elven, I think he wants you to get out of the car. You've annoyed him today so he stopped the car a few blocks away from your house because he wants revenge." Nia explains and you can see the realisation dawning on Elven.

"So're mad at me?!!" Elven asks like he can't believe it.

Ash glares at him. Elvem and Alexander turns to Elven and say at the same time: "Get out."

Elven puts his hands up in defence. "Fine whatever. Nia come on."

Nia looks up at him and raises her eyebrows.

Elven gapes. "Nia! What the hell you're my g

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