When we walk out of the school, we're met by two detectives who eye us up and down.

"What were you doing here? I think it's past school hours don't you think?" He asks. I give Brandon a panicked look and he's about to answer the detective when a familiar voice does it instead:

"Because I gave them permission to do so"

We turn around and see Hodge approaching us.

The detective huffs. "You were the one that called us right? How come you gave them permission to enter the school alone and how did you know that Jia was going to be there?"

Hodge clears his throat. "Well you see, they suspected that our school receptionist suicide was not really a suicide and eventually they found what they believe is the stolen video. I could not contact the police because up until now these were just speculations. When they found the footage, they called me and said that they might have evidence and I told them

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so happy everything work out... awesome story
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