Highschool Day's
Highschool Day's
Author: NeeNia



"Braze no please!"

"Hahah yes hahhaah"

"NO, I won't do this" I scream with determination.

"Oh, baby it's not a matter of whether or not you want to. You simply can't sweetheart hahaha just do it"

"Braze please please please don't. Stay with me. Look at me,you can do it don't close you eyes" His sobs audible as he begs me to help him.

Then the screams came...

Flashback over

*Beep Beep Beep Beep*

"Braze what the hell, turn that damn thing off!"

I roll my eyes as I slowly turn off the alarm clock while closing my eyes once again. I swear to god Jace voice woke me up more than the alarm clock but at the same time, I'm grateful. I turn around intending to flip over on my stomach which apparently was a grave mistake because the next thing I know I hear my bedroom door open at the same time as I fall off the bed.

"Does my perfect face baffle you so much? Seriously Braze I thought you've gotten over that already but well...I can't really blame you"

I sit up with a flushed face and just stare at Alex.

"I wasn't baffled I was just trying to flip over at the same time as you...nevermind what are you doing here?" Because Alex never visits my room. Not him. Not Jace. Not anymore at least. They used to. We used to always sit on my bed watching movie and eat popcorn. The keywords in that sentence are "used to". Past tense. Because after the incident that happened a few months back everything changed. They changed. I've tried multiple times to tell them the truth about what really happened that night at Tommy's party but I couldn't. I wanted to but I couldn't. I want to but I can't for the sake of my family. The family that started looking at me like a freak and like I don't fit in.

In this family adopted Alex is the oldest (my parents didn't think they would be able to have kids so they adopted Alex) and then there is Jace and then Sam that died before I was even born. He died when he was one month old in a car crash that everyone survived but him. Then there is me. Fourth in the family. But am I really? It feels like I'm the oldest when Alex and Jace always get drunk and I always have to look after them (not that they're thankful nowadays) or when I always wake them up to school (except for today) and prepare their things and make sure they actually go to school. They used to look at me with gratitude but not anymore. Not after that.

"Mom told me to get you because apparently, we start earlier at this school."

Oh yeah.. new college. They previously went to United high but they moved during the summer break and recently enrolled in Thailand high, they started at 8.20.

"When do we start," I ask tiredly.

"7.30. Seven. Fucking. Thirty. Can you believe it?"

"7.30...SEVEN THIRTY?? Alex, it's 7.00 we'll never make it! It takes fifteen minutes to get to school and I have to get dressed a-an-and..!" I keep on blabbering, clearly stressed out. This was their FIRST day and they are going to be late! Way to go Braze. First impression=ruined.

I'm a straight-A student and I have to impress my teachers but first I have to take a shower because I barely got any sleep today thanks to the nightmares and I'm all sweaty. I never had nightmares up until that day a few months back. Now I hear the screams in every single dream like it just happened and I try not to think about it when I already live through it every single haunting night.

I jump inside the shower and finish within ten minutes and when I come back inside my room Alex is already gone. I grab a normal black sweater that covers my arms and put it on me with black jeans and black boots while I with great stress try to multitask and brush my hair at the same time. The result is not that..satisfying with my hair standing up almost spiky from the shower but it'll have to do.

We arrive ten minutes late with a scolding look from the receptionist but she says she would go easy on us because it's our first day. I think her name was Aline? She each hands us our schedule and we go our separate ways. Alex is a senior, Jace starts the second year and I start the first year of my highschool.

I knock on my classroom door nervously. Great, now I have to excuse myself for coming late to the teacher and on top of that, I also have to introduce myself. I never come late and I'm every definition of awkward. Socially and in general. I have no idea what to say and just end up stammering and eventually say something that shouldn't have been saying. I usually prefer to just plug in my earphones and shut out the world.

I wonder how Alex and Jace are handling this. They're probably not having as much trouble as me. They can literally walk into a room and win over everyone's heart like they're some sort of Cupid in teenage form. Well, I'm the opposite. I'm like a demon in the teenage form: you avoid them and you're good. Okay, not a demon..maybe a zombie. When I do think about it that's kind of how my previous classmates looked at me. They looked at me like I'm about to start a zombie apocalypse and infect everybody with my "obvious" nerdiness. Like seriously guys? Just because I'm quiet and distant and have straight A:s doesn't mean I'm a nerd.. it just means I care about my flipping future and that I'm socially awkward. I actually do have pretty interesting hobbies.

Okay, I have to stop myself from thinking because apparently, the teacher didn't hear me because I've been standing here for the past ten minutes. I knock again and this time a large muscular blonde man opens the door while slowly raising one of his eyebrows and stares down at me. Literally. Stares DOWN at me because hell, this man is hugeeee. Is this dude the fucking teacher?

"M-my name is Braze .I-I'm new" I mumble fiddling with my earbuds.

"Kid, I seriously can't hear a thing you're saying if you're even talking at all"

I start blushing. This man's voice is seriously scary and then all of a sudden he gestures me to come into the classroom and I turn to see what in my eyes looks like one hundred eyeballs staring straight at me and my blush deepens.

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