The rest of the lesson is less embarrassing and after I look at my schedule I see that I have Hodge in English, Math and P.E. So I'm going to have this exact class and that exact same teacher in three subjects. Two of them I have three times a week each . Fuck. When the lesson ends I quickly get the hell out of there completely not hearing Sammy calling my name because of my loud music.

The day goes smoothly and then it's lunch. I take one look at the food and I want to throw up. I look around in the cafeteria and notice Jace and Alex sitting in their own groups clearly having made friends already. There were times where I could have just walked over to one of them and started talking but not anymore.

Flashes of the night from Tommy's party starts to manifest and I could hear the screams and the laughter and....

"BRAZE!" I jump and turn around immediately and see Sammy waving her hand while the entire cafeteria is watching. Grateful for snapping me out of those haunting memories but still embarrassed beyond belief I walk over to her. Seriously does the sophomores have a secret competition on "Who can make the new kid's face reddest?" because it's freaking working.

Sammy is sitting with a redheaded girl and a pale boy. Oh I have to socialize. I take off my earbuds and sit down next to Sammy.

"Hi" I mumble.

Thankfully Sammy, always my savior, takes over.

"Guys this is Braze he's new. Braze this is Ash and Clare." she introduces and points.

The redheaded girl Clare smiles at me and says:

"Hi Braze, Sammy talked about you. I'm so sorry about what happened with Hodge but.." She didn't get any further because the pale boy Ash opens his mouth totally interrupting her.

"I'm gay but not I am  single"

My blood is starting to run cold and my eyes widen because has Ash already figured it out? The secret only my family know about and maybe thought that I was interested in him?

But maybe this school don't have anything against homosexuals? I mean the most popular guy in the school, (I can't get his name right), is bisexual and being gay is not that different right? Right? But Clare and Sammy just start laughing. Sammy explains:

"Sorry Braze it's just that Ash boyfriend is really possessive and to avoid trouble Ash lets everyone new know that he is taken. His boyfriend is seriously scary and if he sees Ash talking to someone new especially if it's a guy..he takes them to a corner to have a little chat"

"Y-you're gay?" I ask Ash.

"Yes I am and my boyfriend's name is Alexander. He sits at the first table from that door. Third seat to the right" Ash answers and points.

Over there seven people are sitting and eating and..wait a minute isn't that?..

"Sammy isn't that the popular guy you told me about in English?" I ask.

"Yes, Alexander  is best friends with Mr Popular. Him and two other People: Elven and Nia, and three other boys: Mork , Kan and Team. Kan and Team are a couple and we all have our suspicions about Elven and Nia but nothing is confirmed. Mark is single and Alexander is with Ash" Sammy answers.

Wow a lot of people here aren't heterosexual. That's kind of comforting because it wasn't like that at my old school but maybe here I don't have to hide who I really am.

Again, The King has his back turned against me so I can't see his face and I can't help the next question that comes out of my big mouth.

"Is His Highness single?" Everyone at the table laughs and I blush. If it's about the question or the nickname I'll never know. Ash answers while still laughing.

"No the king has no queen and I doubt he will. He has never gone further than the first date then he just tosses and swipes Right to the next person. He rarely even does that. Dates I mean. You really have to be interesting if he goes on one date with you but no more than that. And he's never had a legitimate girlfriend or boyfriend but that doesn't stop people from trying"

"Oh.." I answer at the same time as the Group of Seven walk out of the cafeteria with their backs turned towards me.

What a douche.

I hate players more than anything because it's like they don't realise what they're doing when they practically hold someone else's heart in their hands and the next thing they do is break it. The thing about breaking a thing is that it will never be completely repaired. For example If you break a glass and then start glueing all the pieces together you'll still be able to see cracks everywhere. It can never go back to being a flat smooth surface.

I can't use only happen with love or crushes but also with other things. I learned that the hard way. My stomach starts to flip and I start to breath faster. I try to calm down and turn to look around in the cafeteria.

Conveniently that's when I spot her in all her evil glory. Jia Baycort. I will never be able to forget that face. The face that destroyed everything. She goes here?! Oh yeah she did say she isn't from the area when we were in America! Thankfully she hasn't spotted me and I sneak a glance at Alex who also hasn't seen her. But then she turns her head and looks straight at me with surprise and then she starts smirking.

I need to get out of here because everything is starting to spin. I quickly plug in my earbuds hoping music will help and then stand up starting to speed out of here.

"Braze are you okay? Where are you going?" I don't even know who asks that and they probably think I'm a total freak by now but I don't care because I really need to escape.

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