Thankfully I don't have to think about food anymore because Brandon enters Starbucks instead and I just follow him silently. Did he sense my panic when he said that we should go out and eat? He did say his mother is a psychologist maybe he got some of her observing talents? Or I'm just overanalyzing things but I really don't want to be an inconvenience to him or be the reason that he's having the most boring day in his life.

We sit down at an empty table and a girl comes over to take our order. So, what would a normal growing teenage boy order?

" I will take a grande chocolate chip cream frappuccino. And with blended cream of course." Brandon says and winks at the girl. The girl smiles and winks back and then she looks at me with an almost annoyed expression. He ordered what now?

I look down at the menu and see what Brandon ordered and I order almost the same thing. I have to take a large right?

"Uhh I'll take a large gingerbread cream Frappuccino blended créme," I say robot-like reading straight from the menu because what the hell is that? And why the long names?

"I think you have to re-phrase your order," The girl says while she's smiling forcefully and Brandon snorts. Wait for what? I don't get it. I start to blush and look up at Brandon that's covering his mouth attempting to hide a smile. He doesn't succeed. I look up at the girl that's waiting impatiently for my answer but I have no idea what to say. What's going on?

"You mean you'll take a Venti Gingerbread Cream Frappuccino...?" The girl asks pretending to be completely clueless.

"I-I guess...? I answer.

"Thank you for your order they'll be here shortly," She says like she's been rehearsing for an important exam but before she goes she flashes a smile at Brandon.

When she's finally gone Brandon burst out laughing and stays like that for a few minutes. I don't get it.

"Oh, Braze I've never laughed so hard at someone! You're completely adorable!" Brandon says between laughs and I blush harder at what he called me. But I still don't get it.

When Brandon finally stops laughing and sees my clueless expression he smiles.

"Venti means large Darling." He laughs again. "And Grande means Medium and Tall means Small. I swear to god I usually hate all those idiotic Starbucks puns but you should have seen yourself!"

"Oh" I answer and he laughs. His laugh is like music and I love music.

"You don't come here often do you?" He asks.

"N-not really no" I answer. Will he think that's weird?

"Didn't any of your exes drag you here?" He asks. It's a totally normal question. But I'm freaking out.

Oh no this guy is like a freaking dating machine and he'll definitely think I'm weird if I tell him. But seriously? What the hell, he already thinks I'm weird! I got a stupid panic attack just from a couple of violent scenes from a movie. There wasn't even blood! So to hell with it!

"Not really" I mumble and he raises an eyebrow.

"Really? Well, that's surprising. Where did they drag you instead?"

"Nowhere," I answer silently and Brandon lifts both of his eyebrows in surprise. But then he sees my expression and I silently die when he starts gaping surprised.

"Just to be clear here. You have dated before right? Or you know, done other things?" He asks.

I shake my head and I guess now is the time he'll laugh at me but he didn't. He just looks generally surprised as if he can't believe it.

"Oh my god, what? I don't believe it! Someone with your looks could easily get a date!" He exclaims and I can only sit there and blush with embarrassment.

They were quiet for a moment before I open my mouth.

"Y-you're weirded outright?" I ask with embarrassment and what a stupid question because of course, he is!

" No no I'm not weirded out just surprised! I just can't bring myself to imagine it, they all should line up for you.." Then he leans over and puts two of his fingers on my now red cheek."Because you're so handsome but yet so cute and... innocent."

Ha! I want to laugh out loud. Me? Innocent? If only he knew he would totally change his opinion about me. Someone like me could never be innocent. Not anymore at least.

It takes me a moment to realise that he just called me handsome and I look up at him and find him gazing into my eyes with his fingers still in the same place. I stare at him with the same intensity and I never thought I can get so easily lost in someone's eyes although I know this doesn't mean anything. Brandon only sees me as the awkward boy he found sitting on the restroom floor having a panic attack and deciding that maybe they could go out and grab something. Plus I can't start having feelings for him because I know they will never be returned because he is Brandon. I've heard enough from Sammy, Clare and Ash to know that I should treat Brandon like fire. You can come close but not too close and you absolutely don't give in to it because then you'll hurt yourself and I've had enough of that. So I break our trance by looking down clearing my throat and answer him.

"I don't really know about that. People prefer my brother's and I usually just stay in the shadows because as you've surely noticed I'm not exactly an expert at keeping up a conversation." Brandon removes his fingers and laughs at that. Is he mocking me? But then he says:

"You know what I like about you? You're honest and say what's in your mind like the first time we met. I don't think I've ever heard someone get my name wrong or call me "His Majesty" straight to my face. That's what makes you so fun to be with. You're straight up when it comes to things."

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