" You know what I like about you? You're honest and say what's in your mind like the first time we met. I don't think I've ever heard someone get my name wrong or call me "His Majesty" straight to my face. That's what makes you so fun to be with. You're straight up when it comes to things."

I smile at that because me blurting things out has always gotten me into trouble before with mostly my parents. And then I remember our first meeting. Our first horrible meeting and I can feel panic starting to build up and I open my mouth to explain myself but Brandon beats me to it and changes the subject:

"Your siblings huh? Alex and Jace? I must say I enjoy Jace because come on, his style is not to compete with! Of course, that applies to everyone except for me I could easily win because I'm fabulous, but that Alex though? No thank you. He is way too cocky and way too full of himself. Not that I'm not any different but the difference between me and him is that I actually do it right and I'm not a total dick. No offence."

I can't help it. I start laughing and I can't stop. Then Brandon starts laughing with me. When we both finish laughing I look up at him.

"Um, they're not in our year how do you know them and how did you know we're siblings?"

"As you already have so specifically declared, I kind of am the King and I know who everyone at TH is."

I bite my lower lip.

"N-no offence but how could you be any different than Alex?" I mumble.

"What do you mean?"

"H-how many people have you been with? Y-you can round them down." I asked unsure if I'm trespassing a territory I shouldn't be in.

"Well I lost count at seventeen but in my defence, it's rare that I'm the one taking the first step. It's always them coming to me and I can't help it. I like to flirt and it's incredibly easy then one thing leads to another." He answers and winks.

The girl that serves our table is finally on her way to our table and I wonder what took her so long and I'm just about to comment on it when Brandon says something that spikes my interest.

"For example, I can easily pull that girl in with a cheesy line. I consider myself gifted at the art of flirting and come on, I also do have the looks for it." He says while smiling teasingly.

I usually never do this but I want to see him in action so curiosity takes over and just before she puts our orders on the table I can't help but whisper:

"Prove it" and I'm not sure he heard me until I see him look up in surprise but then he starts to smirk at me and I can feel my heart skip a beat at that smirk.

Don't get too close Braze.

I look down and now I know why she took so long because wow. Okay I know I don't come here often, actually, I don't come here at all but I can bet on my house that this, whatever this is, is not supposed to look like that. First of all the cups are so big and didn't Brandon order a grande? Medium right? I ordered a large but Brandon cup is way bigger than mine and his cup is so overfull that the cream is dripping down the cup and spilling over at the table. She also added a couple of biscuits that are sticking out from the drink in all directions and don't get me started on the chocolate sauce..that almost looks disgusting. My drink looks totally normal. I look up at the barista and see her smiling flirtatiously at Brandon.

Well, come on show me how you woo the girl, Brandon.

But somehow, I feel powerful hate towards the girl and I try to tell myself that it's because she's clearly not doing her job as a barista and treats customers unfairly based on looks because Brandon hasn't even said a word to her the whole time. I should be complaining but instead, I just feel angry and uncomfortable like I don't belong when Brandon looks up at her and meets her smile. Then I feel him kick my leg under the table as if he's saying pay attention now. Like I can not pay attention when he is smiling like that.

"Thank you, darling".

"Anytime. Tell me if you need me to put in something more in your drink" She answers and winks at him. I'm pretty sure if you put in something more the plastic will burst and you'll get a table filled with..whatever that is to clean up.

"No I'm good I don't want to trouble you." Brandon answers. Then: "You don't look so well."Brandon states while looking concerned.

The wait is this how you flirt because I'm pretty sure you shouldn't say that?

"Yeah, I do have an aching headache. Long day but I'm fine." Then she leans closer to Brandon and looks into his eyes seductively. "I'm more than fine"

I wish I never challenged Brandon because now I'm not only feeling angry and uncomfortable but also strangely..disgusted.

Brandon pushes some hair off her face and smirks.

"I can imagine. It must have hurt pretty badly when you fell from heaven huh?"Brandon says like he's actually asking a question like it really happened and winks.

"I can imagine. It must have hurt pretty badly when you fell from heaven huh?" Brandon says like he's actually asking a question like it really happened and winks.

Oh. Wow. It took all I have not to burst out laughing because did he just say that?! I know I asked for cheesy but no girl would fall for that! At least that's what I thought because the girl starts to blush furiously and I wonder for a brief second if that's how I have been looking like the entire I've been sitting here talking to Brandon. Then she smiles awkwardly and sprints away.

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