Chapter 7: The Drunkard

Alexander MacWatters’ POV

What. The. hell. I don’t know how to react to her sudden kiss. Her soft lips covered mine. I just stood there. She kissed me long enough to know that I was not responding to her.

“urgh, why are you not kissing me back?!” She shouted at me as I was trying to make sure that she was alright.

“Azalea,” I whispered her name. It felt weird when I say it out loud but it felt good as well.

“shut up and kiss me,” she said before she pulled me in again and this time, she snaked her arms around my neck. I was trying to resist but man, her charm was powerful to resist.

“Fuck it,” I said before I pulled her closer to mine, pushing her back so that it would hit the wall of her house. She grunted, not breaking the kiss in the process. I have been waiting for her to kiss me after I saw her in that swimming pool the other night.

“Alex,” she said as she was kissing my jaws and neck. She closed her eyes as she was trying to make sure that I was not an illusion of her effect from the beer. I chuckled before I caressed her cheeks.

“I’m here,” I said as I looked into her ocean blue eyes. It was so mesmerized that I forgot to breathe for a moment. I have never been up close to someone before.

“I like it. Your name. Alexander is like the one that similar to that Greek powerful man,” she said as she was caressing my chest. My heartbeat fastened when she put her hand on top of it.

“well, if you want to know about it, perhaps you should date me,” I said as I looked at her. She was looking intensely at me as my proposal was something unusual for me.

“I can’t. There are so many things that I have to done and my sister’s wedding—“ I cut her off by kissing her again. This time, she did not resist me or anything. She felt right under my hands.

“tell me you would like to go out on a date with me,” I whispered to her. She closed her eyes as she was licking her bottom lips before opening her eyes and stared into my own.

“yes,” she said, barely passed as a whisper. I smiled before I kissed her again and pulled her into my arms.

“thank you,” I said as I nuzzled her sweet peach scented hair. I inhaled it for my memory of hers.

“ah, there you are, Lea, I have been looking all over you,” her sister’s voice was coming from my behind and when I turned around with Azalea in my arms, most of the gasps coming from her.

“Wait, what? When did this happen? How did it happen?” She asked me as she looked at her drunkard sister and a stranger that her sister never mentioned before.

“in due time, she will tell you,” I said before scooping Azalea up bridal style. I then asked her sister where was the bedroom of Azalea and she told me it was on the second floor to the right. I thanked him before I went upstairs inside the house.

I walked up the house as there was no one inside. Everyone was consumed by the party and the talk that they wanted to hear how Ian engaged to Amber. I heard it a thousand times after the first time he announced that he was getting married.

I smiled at the thought before I opened the door to her room. She was hanging onto my neck as I brought her inside the room. her room was not like what I suspected. Most girls would have princess-themed or something in that area, but Azalea was telling her personality in her own, unique way.

her bedsheet was light blue like the ocean, she liked sharks and all the fishes as she had a chart for them as well. Specifically with the ones that have scientific names on it. I wondered when she had that, since middle school?

I went to her bed as she was sleeping soundly. I don’t want to disturb her as she was sleeping in my arms. I chuckled at how cute she was in that position. I might want to kiss her again.

Woah, hold it, MacWatters. What’s wrong with you?!

I shook that thought away as I put her onto her bed as gently as I can. I was trying not to make a sound as I rolled her inside the duvet that was on the top of her bed. She groaned before she turned her back on me.

I shook my head before pulling the duvet on top of her. I smiled at her before I kissed her on the cheeks. I just have to. I went to her desk to get a sticky note and a pen and wrote down the place that I would love to meet her tomorrow if she can remember.

I also left my number, just in case. I then stuck it to the lamp next to her before I went to the door and closed it behind me. as I was outside her room, I was startled by a voice that boomed with protectiveness.

“what are you doing in my daughter’s room?” Her dad asked me as I was turning to look at him.

“Mr. Johnson, I was helping her to get to her bed,” I said as I was being watched like a hawk.

“really? And why should she has you to help her?” He asked skeptically. I would not blame it. I would ask a stranger that just got out of my daughter’s room, fully clothed or not.

“well, she was drunk and I thought it would be great if she went to bed instead of trying to go around, talking with other people,” I said as I was looking intensely at him. Her dad was scary but after what I told him, he smiled at me.

“you think you were protecting her, did you?” He asked me as he patted me around the shoulder as we descended the stairs.

“Remind me again who are you, young man,” he asked me.

“I’m Alex, Alexander MacWatters, a friend of Ian,” I said as he looked at me with amusement.

“You’re Alexander MacWatters, the scientist that discovered the different water chemistry that can be used to treat malfunction of the nerve systems. You’re him?” He asked me in bewilderment. I laughed at him.

“I’m afraid that I am that person, sir,” I said as I looked at him after we were in the kitchen.

“Please, call me Riley,” he said as he took a beer from the fridge and give it to me. I thanked him before opening up the can and drank it. I drank when I was nervous around people. I hope I don’t be too nervous to do something that might be attracting attention to myself.

“so, tell me about yourself,” Riley asked me as we were talking to each other in the kitchen. It will be a long night.

Azalea Johnson’s POV

My head was pounding so much that I don’t think I could get up this morning. I was groaning as I tossed and turned in the bed. Wait, bed? I opened my eyes to see that I was in my bed and I was fully clothed. well, that’s a relief.

a knock disturbed me from my sleep. The door opened, revealing my dad in his cheerful morning smile.

“Morning, sweetie,” he said as he went to my bed. I groaned before I rolled to the other side.

“Why are you coming in so early?” I asked him. He chuckled before he looked at me and put the hot cocoa on my night table.

“well, I thought you want hot cocoa but I guess I have to finish it myself,” he said and before he took it away, I got up and took the hot mug from him.

“Thanks,” I mumbled as I drank it. It was great to drink hot cocoa in the morning.

“so, do you remember anything from last night?” He asked me. I sighed before the pounding was coming again. I shook my head.

“Alright, just get ready. I thought you have to go somewhere today,” my dad said as he sat up from my bed and walked toward the door.

“what do you mean? I don’t have an appointment,” I said. But did I?

“well, you need to check your note on the night table then,” my dad said as he was smiling slyly at me. I looked at the night table and read the note.

Meet me at Carl’s cafe at 10 AM sharp. Don’t be late


Of course, after reading that, I remembered everything that happened. The meeting with Tom, the drink, the talk and most dreadful, the kiss. I just wanted the earth to swallow me right now.

How humiliating me!

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