Chapter 4

Keegan Pov

My name is Keegan Davies. My parents died when I was 12 years old and now I live with my uncle. Uncle Rave Williams was my grandfather, on my mother’s side’s, twin brother. He is the only family I have left. He was married a long time ago but his wife and child died during labor so he never remarried. That was 40 years ago. I work in his restaurant and he told me that I will be the owner, once he retires but first I need to get my business degree from the university.

I started my shift 2 hours ago and tonight went like every night until she came in. I made sure I was their waiter. She was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

“Good evening ladies. My name is Keegan and I will be your waiter this evening. Is there something I can bring you to drink before you order?”

"Good evening Keegan. Would you please bring me and my friend both a fountain soda? Anyone is fine with us. Before you leave, please tell me if you have a job opening. You see we are starting school here on Monday and I kind of need a part-time job."

I can’t believe my luck, she wants to work here. Play it cool Keegan.

“O that’s cool. I will go ask my boss real quick I will be back momentarily with an answer and your drinks.”

First, I went to my uncle's office. I knock on the door to make sure he is in. I hear a ‘come in’ from inside.

“Uncle Rave I have a lady customer here that wants to know if we have any openings here at the restaurant.”

"This person came at the right time. I just got off the phone with Josh. He won't be coming back. The cancer has spread and he needs to stay in the hospital 24/7. Go get her I will speak to her and see if she has any experience. If I can avoid interviewing hundred of candidates I will."

"Ok, I will go and fetch her."

I swing by the kitchen and grab their sodas.

“I spoke to my boss. He says we have an opening for the night shift, from 5 until 10. He first wants to speak to you before he gives you a job. Just give me your order and I will take you into the back. Sorry I was meaning to ask you what your names are.”

Her friend speaks first. “I’m so sorry our parents did teach us manners I promise. My name is Ann and this is Emelia.”

“We will have 2 ½ chickens 2 creamed spinach and 2 Chicken smoked rice.”

Emelia stands up and walks with me towards the office. She smells like vanilla.

“You said you’re starting school on Monday. Where are you going?” I start the conversation. I just want to learn more about her. Let’s hope she doesn’t think of me as a creep.

“O I’m starting at the University of Pennsylvania.”

“That’s great I’m also going there. I’m studying architecture. What are you studying? “

“I’m studying to become a graphic designer.”

“Let’s continue our conversation later. We are in front of the office and the boss is waiting for you.”

I hand her my phone and she put in her number I save it and feel my ding go off. I walk towards the kitchen give them Emelia’s order and take table 4, their order.

I didn't see Emelia for the rest of the night. When I went to deliver their food she was still in the office. I will wait until tomorrow morning to text her.

I wake up the next morning at 6 and decide it's too early to text her. I don't even think she is awake yet. I decide to go to the gym so I can get her out of my head.

Two hours later I relent and text her. While I wait for her to answer, I make myself a grilled sandwich. I hear my phone with the familiar ding of an incoming text and run toward my phone. That's how I spend my whole morning until I had to get ready for work.

I step into work and I see Amber with Emelia. O, this cannot be good. As I walk closer I hear that uncle Rave is looking for me.

"I'm here uncle Rave," I answer and I see all eyes turn to me. My breath freezes. I only notice now that Emelia has the most beautiful shade of jade.

"Listen here, boy. Just because your family, doesn't mean you can be late."

“I’m not late uncle. I’m 10 minutes earlier than you asked me to be here.”

I realize uncle Rave has walked away but I can’t keep my eyes off Emelia. I just take her hand and pull her toward the staff locker room.

“So Mr. Williams is your uncle. “ She tries to start the conversation but that is still a sore spot for me.

“So I see you met Amber.” I try to change the subject.

"Yeah, she is nice." She replies and I hear the sarcasm in her voice.

“What did she tell you?” I ask trying to hold in my laugh.

“She told me to stay away from you and you will never be interested in me.”

"Don't ever listen to Amber. She does that every time I have a girlfriend. She is totally in love with me and doesn't get that she is not my type." I need to speak to Amber. I know I sound mad at the moment. I don't care if we have been friends since I can remember but she needs to stay out of my business.

“Don’t worry about it. I kind of got a jealousy vibe from her. I don’t let things like that worry me.”

“Good. Let me explain everything. If you don’t understand anything or I’m going to fast just stop me, ok?”

"Ok, I get it."

"This here is the staff locker room. This one is yours, of course, you need to supply your own lock. The staff bathroom is the door next to the locker room. Our uniforms are black pants or skirts and a clear white shirt. No picture or words is allowed on the shirts. Today you will be overlooked since you didn't know. We also provide the red apron that you wear. Here are your order book and a pen. Uncle Rave provides the stationary. You get three 10 min breaks during your shift. If you smoke you're only allowed to smoke during those 10 minutes.  Tell me do you know how a cash register works?"

"Yes, I do."

"Then we can skip that. Ok, we don't have sections here. The way we work is if you seat a customer they're yours. Remember to take a menu home so you can learn the numbers of food. We only write the number that way we don't go through so many papers. And remember to write down the table number and your name so that the kitchen staff knows who the order belongs too. Once you receive the order you place it into that box. Here is your dinger. Once your order is done the kitchen staff will press a button in the kitchen and your dinger vibrates that is why the staff needs your name. Any questions?”

"Yes, I do. How does the salary work here?"

"Uncle Rave will discuss your salary with you. We work for a salary and tips. Your salary is paid on the last day of the month. Tips you take home every night if its cash. If it was paid with a card you get it at the end of the month with your salary. Any other questions?”

"Yes, where is my apron so that I can begin."

"Damn your eager. Well let's go but you will only observe today."

I give her the apron and went looking for uncle Rave.

"Uncle, did you remember to speak to Emelia about her salary?"

“O dear I’m getting old. I forgot. I will speak to her after my announcement this evening after shift. Make sure you ask everyone to stay behind after we close please.”

“Sure uncle.”

This has been the longest shift of the entire time I have been working here. I haven't spoken to Emelia aside from the fact that I had to tell her about the announcement. So close and yet so far. I heard the staff invited her for a drink after work and I see my chance for some alone time with her. I see uncle Rave walking towards us.

“Quite down guys. Since I'm getting old I have decided that I'm going to need 2 managers one for each shift. I'm going to look at your performance for the next month. Keegan, you will not be in the running since you will be the owner once you finish your studies. You may leave now. Enjoy the rest of your evening. Emelia, please stay behind for one sec."

I reluctantly walk outside and I see her friend standing outside so I walk towards her.

“Ann right?”

“Yes and your Keegan if I remember correctly.”

“That’s me. So are you coming out with us?”

"Yes, I am. Where is Emelia?"

I see the others waving and I wave back.

“Uncle Rave asked her to stay behind. I think it’s to speak about her salary.”

Just then I see Emelia coming outside.

"Come on the others have already left for the bar. "

I see Ann and Emelia following behind me. So much for alone time with her.

"Em going dancing can you please get me a coke and bottled water?"

“What no drinking? You look like a party girl.” I ask Ann smiling.

"First Keegan I drink sometimes ok only at parties where they don't ask you how old you are and second you saw I was driving and I don't drink when I have to get myself home safely. I don't want to kill myself just yet. I love life too much." And with that, she disappears towards the dance floor.

"Damn she is sassy!" Jeez, this is the sassiest girl I have ever met in my life.

"Yeah that she is. I know her since kinder garden and that's just the way she is. Let's go get the drinks and go search for our colleagues. Ann will find us once she is done dancing her butt off."

Even though everyone is here I still manage to spend time with Emelia. Her friend is still dancing and all in all, it's a fun night. She excuses herself to go to the bathroom and I see Amber walking behind her. Amber looks at me and I give her a warning look before she disappears inside the bathroom.

10 Min they both have been in there for 10 min and before I can get up to see what’s going on they both come out of there laughing. What the hell is Amber up to?

For the next 2 hours, we all laugh together and I fell in love with her laugh. She got to know all of us and I decided this is where she belongs. She stands up to leave and I walk her out.

"I'm so glad I came. Thank you, Kee."

“No problem Em. Can I take you to breakfast tomorrow morning?”

"I would love to Kee. I will text you my address once I am home then you can pick me up at around 7 am."

“Sounds awesome.”

After she left I do a happy dance she said yes. I am so happy.

"Kee, may I speak to you?" I hear Amber's voice behind me.

“What do you want Amber?” And just like that my happiness turns into anger.

“Kee you like her don’t you. I don’t blame you she is nice. I’m here to tell you I won’t stand in the way of your happiness anymore. I know I was selfish. For years I was in love with you and I was borderline psychotic thinking if I can’t have you no one can. Maybe she will help you chase the demons away. If you need me you have my number.” I see the tears in her eyes.

She turns around and climbs into her car and drive away. I did not expect that. Maybe I have been too hard on her. I turn around to head back inside but decide I rather go back home. Once I step into the house my phone goes off and I see its Emelia that sends me her address.

I get into bed but I’m so excited about the date I can’t fall asleep. I just lie in bed and think about Emelia and the hope I have that this time it will be better.

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